The Importance of Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Yoga Teachers, being upholders of tradition and engineers of the future really make the world go round! This...

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5 Best Forward Bend Yoga Poses

Bowing the head to the heart center allowing the blood to circulate freely through the brain, feeling a lengthening s...

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7 Yoga Poses to Help from Depression

We all feel low at one point or the other which is natural. Having said this, when dreadful feelings such as...

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5 best yoga poses to reduce high blood pressure Hypertension

In the ambush of the hurry and worry of the world, the hurricane of sadness and confusion of the mind we ofte...

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Top 7 Standing Yoga Poses

If you have ever tried a leg stand or have tripped while performing a stunt, you must know the importance of...

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Top 10 Seated Yoga Poses

Yoga is the science to unite the mind, body, soul, and to move the practitioners towards a greater awareness,...

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Top 7 Health Benefits of Sirsasana Headstand

Sirsasana is cumulative of two Hindi syllables, ‘Sirsa’ denoting the head region and ‘Asana’...

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Top 7 Excellent Benefits of Sarvangasana Shoulder Stand

Sarvangasana is a Sanskrit word that means Sarva- all or entire, and Anga- organ or body part. It is also called Shou...

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Top 7 Excellent Benefits of Padangusthasana Big Toe Pose

Living a modern life can be quite challenging at times for many individuals. Commuting through irritating tra...

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Top 5 Health benefits of Vrikshasana Tree Pose

 Find out the top five outstanding health benefits of vrikshasana through this...

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