Corporate Yoga Classes with AumYogaShala


Corporate yoga classes with AumYogaShala

Corporate yoga sessions are an excellent way for your corporation to enhance worker wellbeing cost-effectively. These yoga classes help to strengthen, relax, and stretch keeping your employees healthy, refreshed, and energized. With a team of friendly and expert yoga teachers, our yoga sessions are created for both advanced and complete beginner’s participants.   

Why corporate yoga with AumYogaShala?

The corporate yoga sessions by AumYogaShala will help build a positive and healthy atmosphere at offices. We offer highly effective yet simple wellbeing programs that can be presented in a type of way to meet the requirements of your team. The helpful teachers will assist you correct the postures, build core strength, improve breathing and maintain a balance in your personal and work life. Improved health and reduced stress is equated to greater productivity and creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. Do employees need to have a background with yoga to take any of these classes?

A- We welcome everyone regardless of whether or not they have tried yoga. Additionally, before a session begins, the instructors will make sure to converse briefly with those in the class to familiarize them with yoga.


Q. How many students can participate in the sessions?

A- We don't set a boundary on the number of students - it all depends on the spaces accessible. We offer tailor-made classes to suit the needs of the participants.


Q. What do we wear to yoga classes?

A- Any loose fitted clothes will go that you feel comfortable in. Plus, yoga is best practiced without socks and shoes.


Q. How can AumYogaShala corporate yoga program benefit the employees?

A- The corporate yoga sessions with AumYogaShala will work at different levels such as it will help correct postures, enhance interpersonal relationships, improve response towards pressure and stress, remove inner and outer obstacles and also help in improving breathing. 


    Our corporate yoga curriculum is designed for those who have a rather inactive routine, and it includes the following:

    • Chair yoga, yoga at the desk
    • Deep stretching 
    • Deep breathing techniques
    • Deep relaxation through Yoga Nidra 
    • Concentration methodology and meditation 
    • Guidance and healthy life-style tips 
    • Yoga asanas and physical exercises

    At AumYogaShala, we will help you find a venue and schedule for your corporate yoga classes in Gurgaon by keeping your convenience in mind. Besides that, we will also provide necessary equipment like props and mats.


Meet Our Yoga Teachers


Devender Bhardwaj




Gabriele (Gaby) Alscher

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Amit Kumar

You Will Experience

    You will experience many changes in your health such as increased energy level, stress reduction, enhanced creativity, higher morale, which eventually means a happy workplace with employees in love with their job and doing their part to keep things moving in the right direction.

    Our highly skilled professionals of AumYogaShala invite you to join us and be a part of our corporate yoga sessions, which will help keep your employees both mentally and physically fit.

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