When you look at a few Yoga poses, you wonder if you’d ever be able to do them. Some stretching Asanas are so difficult that it becomes impossible for you to believe that you can actually do them. The truth is that you can do any Asana that you see on the internet or on your TV screen. All you need to do is practice hard and practice enough. The only suggestion is that you should not push your body too much to do a specific pose, especially if you are a beginner in Yoga. Let your body adapt to the Asanas and slowly, you will reach the level that you are expecting to.

Do you know why you are finding it difficult or slow to adapt to different Yoga postures?

Because you didn’t learn Yoga as a child! If you had learned Yoga for children, you wouldn’t have gone through the trouble that you are going through as an adult learner right now. If you have kids, ensure to guide and teach them some amazing Yoga postures, which they not only practice with a broad smile, but also enjoy making Yoga a part of their daily routine.

Benefits of Yoga:

Children learn about their body with the help of Yoga:

Yoga is not something that someone can practice and forget; it teaches you about your body and challenges you to be better in all the Asanas that you learn.

Children become calmer and overcome hyperactivity:

Hyperactivity is something that most of the parents can’t stand these days. If you want to calm the “little devils” in your house, teach them Yoga and see the difference in a few days.

Children can get rid of the stress that they are going through:

The saddest part about being a child is that you don’t understand the meaning of being stressed, even though you truly are. Fights at home, arguments between parents, separating or divorcing parents, study-pressure, etc. are some of the issues that cause stress in children. The good news is that Yoga for children can eliminate all the stress that a child is going through in his life.

Children have an increased level of self-confidence:

Self-confidence is not something that you can develop in your child; it is something that one has to learn on his own. When an individual’s chakras open, he understands the meaning of being self-dependent and, that’s exactly what increases the level of self-confidence in a child.

Children notice an increased concentration level when they practice Yoga regularly:

Yoga can’t be practiced unless you know how to focus on a specific pose or posture. When you practice Yoga as a child, you develop your concentration power and boost it to another level.

Children learn deep breathing exercises, which allow them to stay away from panic attacks and depression even after they grow up:

Panic attacks have become quite common in grown-ups. However, they can be taken care of with the help of Yoga. As a child, if you learn Yoga and practice certain Asanas every single day, you keep pushing the stress factors away from your life.

Children are saved from emotions of jealousy, hatred and negative competitiveness:

Meditation is a major part of Yoga. When a child meditates, he learns the importance of self-worth, self-love, respecting and being kind to the others around him.

Children learn the importance of self-acceptance:

Self-acceptance is very essential as it eliminates the feeling of putting others down only to make one feel superior. Yoga teaches children the importance of accepting themselves just the way they are.

Children learn to respect each other with the help of the word “Namaste”:

“Namaste” is the word taught to children when they join Yoga classes. When they greet each other with this word, they know that the light in them greets the light in others around them.

Children improve their physical and mental health with Yoga:

Yoga is important for physical and mental development in children.

Some of the best Yoga for children poses are:

Balasana (child’s pose)
Baddha Konasana (butterfly pose)
Ananda Balasana (happy baby)
Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward-facing dog)
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (bridge)

It is important for you to develop your child’s interest in Yoga. Do not pressurize your child to learn and practice Yoga as it is something that he or she has to learn on their will and wish. When you pressurize your child, you extract the sweetness of this beautiful spiritual journey. Practice Yoga in front of your children every day and, find out if they are enthusiastic to learn the Asanas that you are into.

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