10 Tips to Fully Immerse into Yoga


Learning about the age-old yoga discipline isn’t easy. Even the yoga masters have practiced yoga for ages to attain proficiency and knowledge.

To attain such perfection and knowledge, one must fully occupy self with yoga. If you are a newbie or a yoga practitioner with the same intention, the following blog will tell you about 10 tips to engross in yoga completely:

1. Hard work and consistent practice payoff:

If you are unable to perform a yoga asana, don’t give up. Skip the pose and continue the sequence as it is and try after some time. In the beginning, it may be difficult to perform the pose correctly; but, regular practice will help you achieve perfection. Also, being consistent in your practice increases the success chances; therefore, follow a proper schedule.

2. Pick a yoga studio that meets the basic needs

: Seeking an experienced yoga teacher is probably one of the best ways to improve yoga practice. Hence, enroll for a yoga studio or a yoga class in your area. But, before you enroll for any such studio, make sure it meets the basic needs. An experienced yoga teacher, timings, strength of the class, type of yoga style taught, etc. are some of the basic features you must ask from the studio while enrolling for the same.

3. Do not extend your body’s limit:

Feeling painful while practicing a particular pose? Do not practice that pose, it’s a sign from the body that you are extending body limits. Be conscious of such signs and discontinue the practice. You can either ask your teacher to modify the pose as per your body’s requirement or give your body some time before you move to that pose.

4. Include pranayama in yoga practice:

Pranayama is considered as the first step of the ladder to learning yoga. It corrects the dysfunctional breathing pattern and helps in achieving yogic breathing. Pranayama plays a crucial role in improving yoga practice. It helps you achieve calmness in the body. Moreover, it allows prana to flow through each chakra in the body and eventually, regulates them. Hence, the skillful practice of pranayama not only builds the basic level of yoga but also helps you in the advanced levels.

5.Attend yoga workshops and events:

To immerse yourself into yoga, mastering yoga asanas isn’t enough. Learning about yoga, its philosophy, psychology, and evolution from three different periods are equally important. Yoga workshops and events are one of the best platforms to learn about the same. These events and workshops invite yoga masters, practitioners, beginners, and even professionals from all over the world. It helps you build strong basics in yoga as well as learn and explore the diversity of yoga.

6. Take yoga private classes:

If you are confident about yourself, take a private yoga class. Private yoga classes are a good way to enhance yourself in yoga, as the teacher offers personalized assistance. The teacher teaches you the right techniques and also helps you modify the poses as per the body’s requirement. Moreover, the teacher highlights the strength and weakness of the body and helps you overcome the same.

7. Maintain an archive for your practice:

Each yoga session at a yoga studio is different. Therefore, whatever you learn in each session may vary from each other. In order to memorize and keep it fresh, you can maintain an archive for your practice. The archive will keep a track of your teachings, new learnings, performance as well as modifications, etc. It will eventually help you improve.

8. Add props in the session:

Another creative way of improving yoga practice is, add props in the yoga sessions. You may include blocks, straps, belts, blankets, etc. These props will help you target the area and engage the same, more effectively. You may also enroll in restorative yoga to gain experience of such yoga style. It will help you focus the area and releases tension and chronic stress from the body.

9. Never underestimate meditation:

To immerse in yoga fully, you must practice meditation. Beginners often underestimate the power of meditation because they lack knowledge. Instead, they need to understand that meditation helps you develop focus and clears the mind. It helps in building a connection between the physical and mental state which is the most crucial part of learning yoga. Moreover, it helps you develop wisdom for the advanced levels.

10. Buy a suitable yoga mat:

It may sound odd but, buying a suitable yoga mat is also an essential part of yoga practice. Performing yoga on a critical mat causes discomfort or may cause a slip, which may lead to injury. Some yoga studios provide mats; but, it is best to use personal one as it is hygienic.

You can also follow these tips if you are demotivated from regular yoga routine. It will help you escalate the practice.

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