4 Reasons to Take Yoga Classes at Home


Going out for yoga may seem somewhat of a luxury for a lot of people living it out in the metropolis. Added to hectic work hours, household chores, and family time, it can become like just another duty one must attend without the heart in it. And, this is just what yoga shouldn’t be. This age-old discipline, in its true element, is a beautiful way to connect deeply with one’s Self and discover a realm of unparalleled peace within. Yoga is a path of self-empowerment, sustainability, and health that should be embraced to make individual lives more meaningful. You would be doing a grave injustice to yourself if the practice gets relegated to a dragging duty, and nothing more.

 Yoga Classes at Home

But why let the true spirit of yoga crumble when you can make lessons happen in alignment with space and time convenient for you? Yes, amazing classes conducted by qualified teachers can now be availed at your own place and that too, at a time that suits!

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Your Yoga Should be in Your Time

Ideally, you must get down to lessons with your teacher when you are feeling at your freshest. While a yoga restorative series can be appropriately attempted in later phases of the day when tiredness is slowly setting in, it is not at all advisable to try on strength-building postures when the muscles are already frayed. You need to choose a time when your body and mind will be at its receptive best to absorb yoga from your teacher and then, set classes at home accordingly. To rightly cull out the perfect yoga learning time, you need to keep the following factors in mind-

  • a considerable gap between a meal and the exercise routine has to be maintained
  • ensuring bowel cleanse before starting
  • brahma muhurta or the first moment of dawn is ideal for going deep, spiritually
  • it should be an extremely rush hour, you need deep concentration for each of your postures, even for the concluding phase of yoga nidra.

Low on the Jitters

Let’s admit it. Nobody is above insecurities. When you enter a yoga class populated with ballerina bodied, incredibly talented yoga people, your confidence might just slide.

This is a good reason to bring yoga lessons to your own home. When there are no people around to compare your level with, your only yardstick would be yourself. Once insecurities subside, you can focus more and achieve more than it is possible to achieve with a jittery heart. However, you can be spared for your insecurities only until this far. Once you realize how joys can maximize by developing a positive perspective to learning, you will be feeling inspired rather than be timid in the presence of better doers. Keep working on yourself until you shine!

One-on-One Connection with the Teacher Helps

It is not uncommon for students to feel a little left out in a class of many. Especially, for introverts, it becomes rather challenging to connect with the teacher. In a yoga class, the connection does not depend so much upon conversation as on the exchange of vibes. If you are situated at a good long distance from the teacher, it makes exchanges difficult, weighing down your sessions in a big way. With the provision of setting up yoga classes at home in Gurgaon as in other parts of the capital, it is possible to have a one-to-one proximity with the teacher, breaking down invisible walls and thus make sessions of more value.

More Focus and Self-Awareness

There is something about personal spaces that can make one feel perfectly in sync and devoid of any inkling of negativities. If there is a corner of your home which makes you feel like bliss naturally, there is every reason to bring your yoga lessons to that corner of the universe over alienating classroom spaces. Just know in your heart which space allows your finer sensitivities to open and let you tune in completely with the lesson.

To enhance the mood you can enrich the space with your own choice of incense, colors, and little ambient things that work for you. Now you will be better able to slip into meditation and feel each movement resonating deep inside, and watch your thoughts as they glide.

Anything to give in the world for such magic bliss trance, isn’t it?

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