5 Excellent Benefits of Upward Forward Fold Urdhva Uttanasana


One of the reasons that might motivate you to include yoga in your life could be the lure to achieve flexibility like a gymnast! Well, it’s absolutely fine to think about yoga from a physical perspective. But, the more you explore this ancient health science the better will be the chances of improving your overall flexibility. In this way, Urdhva Uttanasana could be considered a boon as it directly makes your spine perfectly elastic. However, to derive the many health benefits of Upward Forward Fold Pose, you have to prepare your mind and body for an arduous yogic journey.

Upward Forward Fold

Preparatory asanas for the Urdhva Uttanasana

In order to prepare you perfectly for the complicated poses, there is a system of preparatory poses in yoga. So, before you try this asana, you must make sure to achieve some degree of flexibility in these four poses:

  • Head to Knee Forward Bend (Janu Sirsasana)
  • Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  • Reclining Big Toe (Supta Padangusthasana)
  • Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

How to practice Upward Forward Fold correctly

Step 1: First of all, stand straight by keeping the feet together and both your hands by the sides of the body. In yoga, this is called Samasthiti.

Step 2: Now exhale completely and try to bend forward from the hips (but, never from the waist region). For doing this let the naval bend first, followed by the shoulders. Do remember to keep the chest as open as possible.

Step 3: Next, gradually bring your fingertips to the yoga mat, just beside the feet. Keep the knees straight while doing this and then bend the back slightly to open the shoulders. You can now look straight to experience the stretch in various parts of the body.

Step 4: Take a few breaths while staying in this posture for one minute or so.

Step 5: Finally, to exit this asana, inhale slowly and bring your hands to the hips. Then keep your back straight in a comfortable manner while lifting the torso. Stand still for a few seconds before coming back to the initial position.

When to Avoid this asana?

Before starting the practice of Urdhva Uttanasana, note that this asana requires you to bend completely. So, better avoid this pose if you are suffering from complications like a back injury, sciatica, or a slipped disc. Besides, do remember to go easy while doing this pose, otherwise, it could badly impact your neck, lower back, upper back or hamstrings.

Try Upward Forward Fold for these advantages

With an extremely agile midriff region, if you start practicing this asana then you can be sure to get the below-listed five health benefits of Urdhva Uttanasana:

Relief from Stress: While doing this pose, you are supposed to bring down the head completely for a few seconds. Being in this position makes it possible to increase the circulation of blood in the brain.  With an even flow of blood in the brain, the function of the mind becomes smoother. It eventually ensures a decrease in stress and relief from insomnia and depression.

Healthy Kidneys: The bending at the hip region enhances a faster flow of blood from that area due to the squeezing of muscles. This further stimulates the kidneys and liver and also helps in purifying the blood in a faster manner.

Stronger Legs: When you perfectly attain the Urdhva Uttanasana pose, a strong feeling of stretch runs across the muscles of the legs. This tension attracts a faster flow of blood in your legs which looks perfectly toned in this position. In fact, doing this asana regularly can help in building stronger hips, thighs, and knees as well.

Better Digestion: When you perform the bend, it automatically leads to a compression of the belly. With a proper pressing and expansion of the stomach, the stomach gets a good workout. This helps in bringing more oxygen and blood to the digestive system and your meal gets converted into energy at a relatively faster pace.

Easier Menstruation: If you suffer from a painful monthly-cycle, then start practicing this pose to make those days a lot less weary. Urdhva Uttanasana will help you in attaining stronger hips and thighs that might make the entire process of periods smoother.

With so many health benefits of Upward Forward Fold Pose, you cannot afford to ignore this asana lightly. Just try a little harder and get yoga training under the expert guidance of a teacher to master this pose and be sure to enjoy a flexible physique for a lifetime!

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