7 Excellent Benefits of Upward Lotus Pose Urdhva Padmasana


In popular mythological serials, you must have seen the image of a Rishi in an inverted position doing severe austerity. You might be amazed to know this is actually a yoga pose and requires great practice to master it. Literally speaking, Urdhva Padmasana comprises of three words in which ‘Inverted’ implies ‘Upward’, ‘Padma’ means ‘Lotus’, and ‘Asana’ is for the ‘pose’. Belonging to the family of headstand pose, this is indeed a difficult yoga asana. However, by doing proper practice over a period of time under an expert guidance, you can derive multiple health benefits of Upward Lotus Pose.

Upward Lotus Pose (Urdhva Padmasana)

Steps to do the Upward Lotus Pose

Remember, the Upward Lotus Pose is an advanced level of asana and requires you to ace Sirsasana first before you try it. However, to get a more precise idea on how to perform this pose, go through the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: First of all, pick something soft on which you can put your head while getting into the Sirsasana position.

Step 2: Get into the Sirsasana pose with the help of a partner who can provide instant support in case you get unbalanced.

Step 3: Now gently try to interlock both legs as if you are sitting in the Lotus Posture.

Step 4: Once you have successfully made the Lotus Pose in the inverted direction, be in this stance for one minute or so. Also, take deep breaths while you are in this pose.

Step 5: Then open the legs one by one and reach down gradually on the floor to release the asana.

Step 6: Lastly, make sure to take some rest in the Corpse Pose (Savasana) before progressing to do the next asana.

List of health benefits of Urdhva Padmasana

Provide Strength to Brain: While performing this pose, a stream of blood gets expanded towards the cerebrum. This flow of blood and oxygen to the brain improves the overall functionality of the mind. In fact, your habit of forgetting important things will vanish, if you start practicing the Urdhva Padmasana pose. Due to the proper flow of blood in the brain, the cells and tissues responsible for memory get repaired. Soon, you can experience an enhanced level of concentration and memory like an elephant.

Relief from Stress: Quite interestingly, this pose is found to make your mind get rid of cluttered thoughts and tiredness within minutes. If you are searching for a solution for chronic anxiety and depression, then this asana can help you lower down the stress conveniently.

Checks Hair Loss: The exposure to pollution and other chemicals might close the pores in your head from where hair follicles emerge. But, a regular practice of Urdhva Padmasana improves the blood circulation and paves the way for a dense growth of hair.

Makes Digestion Smoother: Practicing this pose helps in bringing more blood and oxygen to the abdominal organs. This improves the capacity of your stomach to burn energy at a faster pace and eventually leads to a strong digestive system.

Strengthens the Spine: Upward Lotus Pose is found to enhance the development of deep muscles that run along the spine, the shoulder girdle, and the neck muscles. So, doing this pose regularly can help you provide more strength to the spinal cord and the neck region particularly. Besides, you also experience a better flow of blood in the arms and the chest after doing this asana.

Aging Become Slow: This inverted position asana not only increases the flow of prana and blood into the head, but also blocks the flow of Apana Vayu. It also leads to the creation of an energy center in the body that slows down your aging process.

Maintains Chastity: Due to some religious obligations or other purposes, if you are required to maintain celibacy, then practicing the Upward Lotus Pose can help you in a great way.

Who must avoid Upward Lotus Pose

If you have undergone a surgery in a shoulder, hip, knee or back, then keep away from doing this pose. In case of blood pressure or cardiac problems, the Upward Lotus Pose should be ignored.

After maintaining a decent health by practicing yoga, if you want to move further and achieve a state of higher consciousness then try this pose. Be assured, your mind, body, and spirit equations will improve like anything.

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