8 Yoga Poses to Stimulate Metabolism


Metabolism is a highly used word. In scientific parlance, Metabolism describes all chemical reactions of the body that keeps your system alive and functioning. For a deeper understanding, Metabolism is a process. It’s the way the body cells convert food into energy required for breathing, moving and doing everything to feel alive.

More often or not, metabolism is linked to weight. And, it’s true. Metabolism influences your body’s basic needs, the amount of food you consume, physical exercises performed that determines your weight. But metabolism is not the sole culprit of your weight gain. There are other body mechanics that contribute to individual weight gain.

Yoga for Stimulating Metabolism and Weight Loss:

The physical yogic movements alter metabolism on a healthy level so that the body is able to burn calories at an increased level. Additionally, the practice of yoga triggers other body functions related to metabolic change:

 Stress Control: Yoga asanas and meditation reduce the production of cortisol (stress hormone). By regulating stress levels, yoga brings the metabolic rate to a normalized state.
 Breathing: The practice of Pranayama (controlled breathing) performed with inhalation and longer exhalation increase calorie expenditure and metabolism.
 Sleep: Sleep has a major role in metabolic functions. Sleep deprivation is linked to decreased metabolism. Yoga practices calm the body-mind that ensures higher sleep quality. Better sleep ensures metabolic homeostasis.

8 Yoga Poses to Stimulate Metabolism:

Twists: Twists help in aligning the spine, displacing the anger, energizing the body and massaging the endocrine system that gives a boost to metabolism.

Revolved Cresent Lunge (Parivrtta Anjaneyasana): Start in a Cresent Lunge Pose. Gently, twist the torso to the right side. As you twist, hook your elbows to the outside of the knees and fold the palms in Namaste position. Elongate the spine, open the heart and gaze in an upward direction. With an exhale, twist more deeply but within your limits. Do not forget to perform on the left side as well.

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