A Guide to what is Yogasana


Yoga is an ancient form of fitness style. Its origin and existence has great significance in the minds of people even today. The word ‘asana’ is related to posture. In yoga, about 84 prominent asanas have received great acceptance and recognition throughout the globe. These asanas can transform your body, mind, and spirit. Yogasanas are not just exercises; these are a complete fitness program to give you a long and healthy life. Yoga works for everyone regardless of your height, weight, body, skin tone, physical strength, and busy lifestyle.

Every asana comes with a deep meaning attached that promises you magnificent results within a few days itself. Although, human body is adaptable to changes, certain changes are inevitable. Yogasana builds your inner capability to cope with these changes and attract more positive energy to heal self. The sync of emotions, energy, attitude, and strength works amazingly in yoga asanas.

A Guide to what is Yogasana

What do you get from yogasana?

Yoga exercises or yoga asanas help you fight back various dreadful diseases. Although the benefits of performing yoga postures are countless, let’s take a look at some prominent advantages:

  • Revival from chronic diseases
  • Prevention and cure from asthma
  • Increases stamina
  • Powerful digestive system
  • Balanced body, mind, and emotions
  • Delayed ageing symptoms and more…

Yoga can be of various forms and along with it; the asanas differ from one type to another. For instance, hatha yoga has different set of asanas and breathing pattern than vinyasa yoga. Similarly, ashtanga yoga expects you to perform various postures related to its form and origin. Yogasana is not just meant for athletes; it is for every person who wishes to survive healthy.

Different institutes will teach you different yoga postures based on the form of fitness you choose in yoga. Regardless of the asana, you must remember to maintain your breathing and meditation practice throughout.

Can yogasana be practiced since childhood?

Yoga is essential for all irrespective of your age. It is introduced to kids with the objective of improvising all aspects in their life. With the arrival of yoga in their routine, children will learn to have inner peace and harmony. Sadly, some elite masses have started rating physical exercises as per their standard of living. According to them, going to the gym, playing basketball, and cricket are games for the elite, whereas yoga is assumed as something practiced in the villages by yogis and saints. It is one of the reasons why most schools refrained from introducing yoga to children. With more awareness programs on yoga exercises, yoga has achieved a great significant existence in children’s life today.

If you consider any pose that your child makes while playing, it is somehow related to yoga asana. Kids learn faster and most of their poses curb depression that they are unaware about. It is our duty to teach them the importance of these yoga asanas. More number of schools have adapted to meditation and yoga exercise sessions. Some schools even begin their day with Surya Namaskar and chanting. Children learn to live a poised, balanced, and happy life in the company of yoga. If you haven’t started yoga in your child’s life yet, it is time!

Reasons why yogasanas is important:

These benefits have changed the perspective of life amongst kids and adults. In fact, doing yogasana with kids is lot of fun and exciting.

Yogasana is self-examination:

Treat yoga as your healthy doctor who lets you know what is wrong inside you. From feelings or pride, ego, and fear to physical disorders, yoga examines you totally. The postures in yogasana help you to become strong and flexible so that no negative thought or issue can bother you further.

Yogasana improves breathing:

Our breathing pattern often changes during a fearful or worrisome situation; yogasana helps you to learn to balance your breathing so that you can face situations in a more confident manner.

Yogasanas control our emotions:

Do not let anyone control your emotions except yoga. There are certain exercises that make you calm, balanced, and determined in life. By changing asanas in regular intervals, you will realize how beautifully you are able to handle difficult situations in life.

Yogasanas take care of your lifestyle:

We often neglect our basic hygiene and routine for a healthy life. By practicing yoga asanas every day, you will learn to form a healthy routine with an improved personality to take care of.

Yogasana quiets the disturbed mind:

You may have noticed that yoga followers have a broad, glowing, and wrinkle free forehead. It is because they learn to tackle situations with peace of mind. Such people rarely get angry and do not believe in living with a disturbed mind.

The beauty of yogasana cannot be described in words; it can only be felt with the results achieved. Learn a few basic asanas of breathing, stretching, and exercising; we assure half of your issues will be resolved permanently from life.

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