As a Yogi, you should always start and finish your practise by chanting the universal sound: AUM (OM). The sound will guide and lead you to awareness and consciousness about your body and your inner self

This sacred word (AUM / OM) can be used as a repetition of a mantra while chanting or in prayer. It is linked to a trinity to guide you to oneness:
  • Creation (Brahma)- Preservation (Vishnu)- Destruction (Shiva) into Brahman.
  • Waking – Dreaming- Dreamless Sleep into Turiya (the transcendental fourth state of consciousness)
  • Rajas (activity, heat, fire)- Tamas (dullness, ignorance, darkness)- Sattva (purity, light, serenity/shanti) into Brahman
  • Body, Emotions and Mind into Oneness

The sound is believed to create a vibration that is the closest to Isvara (God) that we can get in the physical world. It frees you from tension and stress and will dismantleold identifications and wrong illusions.

You will achieve a higher benefit practising with respect and compassion or love and devotion. The practice of asanas becomes more than a mere physical exercise to keep your body fit or to increase strength and flexibility; it becomes a way to improve your health and help your relationships flourish. The practise will lead to the dissolution ofthe sense of separateness and will guide you to lasting happiness.

At AumYogaShala, we believe that Yoga is for everyone. Understanding the diversity of our students in terms of age,cultural background, fitness levels and preferences, the classes are themed to suit every modern Yogi.

Being deeply rooted in traditional Yoga, the classes are a blend of modernapproaches to please everyone with comfort and ease. The classes, retreats and trainings include:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Alignment Yoga