Get Information about Yoga and Its Benefits

This might be not the first time you would be hearing that Yoga is more than a physical workout routine. The healing art that originated more than 5000 years ago […]

Karma Yoga

There is a saying that our thoughts and feelings shape the world within us. Our words and actions define the world around us. Therefore, whatever we feel is reflected through […]

Benefits of Yoga Postures

Erroneous lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, irregular sleep –whatsoever may be the reason for living an imbalanced life it leads to various health and mental problems. An individual faces hurdles at […]

Yoga in India

Do you have the innate passion and desire to dwell in the teachings of the additional science? Do you wish to learn about the ancient philosophy and practice of health […]

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Yoga Lessons

One of the biggest wonders of Yoga is its uniqueness. Every time you step on the mat, you will experience something new—new emotions flooding through the head and new sensations […]

Yoga Tips for Beginners

Hectic work schedule, erroneous lifestyle, lack of physical movement– all this contributes to a flabby body, mental pressure and emotional imbalance. Ultimately this leads to an inharmonious lifestyle that no […]

How to Become a Yoga Instructor

The journey towards transformation starts with a positive thought and, once this thought is planted in your head — rest lies in embarking upon the expedition with utmost dedication. Several […]

Step by Step Guide to a Leading Yoga Program

It is no unknown fact that Yoga is trending all over the globe. With a majority of yoga schools, yoga centres and studios being set up, going to yoga class […]

The Incredible Benefits of Om Yoga

A mantra, a vibration or a sound- ever wondered what ‘Om’ is? Ever thought why this simple sound is considered so prestigious and profound? Why many holistic rituals and practices […]

6 Popular Yoga Styles to Start Your Yoga Practice

You have finally decided to start practising yoga. After hours and days of research, you may still be perplexed about which style to get started with? Should you give a […]

6 Easy to do Yoga Poses for Relaxation

It is normal to become tired in the tussle of matching the pace of everyday hectic life. Amidst dealing with a bunch of responsibilities on day-to day basis, the only […]

5 Advanced Yoga Poses

Practising yoga for several years but now bored of same simple repetitive sequences. Watching advanced level yoga practitioners and instructors tying themselves to unbelievable knots, you wish to refresh your […]

What are the Basic Yoga Sequences for Beginners

Several entities perceive that yoga is a physical exercise that involves twists and turns. The reason for this assumption could be the yoga videos or pictures that one might have […]

Yoga for Women

A woman wears multiple hats and handles their professional and personal lives with utmost finesse. Today is the age of multifaceted females who juggle between office and home. From being […]

Difference between Power Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga

New concepts always perplex the individuals that give rise to a host of queries and ambiguity. The uncertainty about the veracity of the answer always puts individuals on the back […]

6 Incredible Reasons to go on Yoga Holidays

In this age of increasing volatility and competition, tremendous stress and strain can develop in our mind and body, which gives a constant feeling of fatigue and frustration. To cope […]
Downward Facing Dog Pose

Yoga for Seniors

Watching kids and youngsters twisting, and working their bodies on the mat in complicated ways, as a senior, if you think you are too old for yoga, then it is […]

Yoga Postures to Balance Your Chakras

Yoga Postures To Balance Your Chakras Yoga Postures To Balance Your Chakras Summary: Get to know about Chakra yoga poses that open and balance the chakras. From yoga studios to medical centres, […]

Six Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

The body has a complete mechanism to keep it healthy and internally clean but the modern lifestyle and feeding habits have become taxing on the overall health, resulting in sluggishness, […]

Yoga Stretches for Daily Practice

Unless you are one of those fitness freaks who hop out of bed early morning in order to rush to fitness centres— being  fit, flexible and healthy is a little […]