10 Wonderful Yoga Poses for Men

Muscular hips, hamstrings, and shoulders, strong powerful body, men are known to be rough and tough. But a wider known fact is that Men are comparatively less flexible and supple. […]

5 Poses to Re energize Yourself at the Work

On the very first day at the workplace, full of passion, energy, vigour, excitement and enthusiasm, we are determined to nail it. With  passage of time, the earlier feelings become […]

Mantras for Surya Namaskar

Every day when we wake up, we hope for our day to go well. We pray for a bright, shining day. One of the delightful ways to give a great […]

Chair Yoga Poses

“Yoga”, hearing this word, do you imagine supple, flexible people bending, stretching, and moving their bodies in all directions, extraordinarily so?“Yoga”, hearing this word, do you imagine supple, flexible people […]

Live a Heart Centered Life with Bhakti Yoga

Full of ups and downs, happiness and soreness, victory and defeat, Life is a like a rollercoaster ride. At some points we cheer, cherish, laugh and dance and, in other […]

Top 7 Prenatal Yoga Poses for Moms to be

Sometimes weird, sometimes happy, sometimes angry and sometimes emotional, Pregnancy period is the most challenging yet pleasing time in a woman’s life. During this period, women battle with mood swings […]
Yoga Classes

Top 6 Reasons to Take a Yoga Teacher Training in India

Heard about the life-changing benefits of yoga a lot and now planning to immerse in the yogic world? Enroll for a yoga teacher training program and experience the wondrous world […]

Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Yoga

While watching yoga pictures or yoga workout videos, most people assume yoga to be a hippie-type of workout that involves physical exercises to improve the physical appearance, strength, flexibility, stamina […]

Yoga Poses for Kids

From celebrities to athletes and common people, Yoga is now a part of most of the adult’s lifestyle because of the wonderful benefits it brings to the mind, body, and […]

Top Reasons to Practice Restorative Yoga

Working for long hours, sweating full of buckets at the gym, suffering from a personal set back and feeling a bit low from fast few weeks. If you are on […]

Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar

Looking for a simple, fun and less time-consuming way that provides a range of amazing health benefits? Give a great start to your day with Surya Namaskar yoga. Also known […]