Burn Fat with Top 3 Ashtanga Yoga Poses


The mechanism of Ashtanga yoga involves a profuse generation of internal body heat. A highly exacting practice, Ashtanga synchronizes asana movements closely with breath and the burst of internal heat brings about a thorough purification by flushing out all the accumulated toxins from the deepest of the body’s tracts. The dynamic pace and rigorous flow that Ashtanga characterizes is also an effective method for steady weight loss.

If you are prepared to sweat it out and shimmy through a long sequence of tricky  postures as brisk as you can, Ashtanga is your friend for weight loss. Here are some top effective Ashtanga postures to make your fat burn—

Setu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

Setu Bandhasana is a great anti-bloating, anti-indigestion posture which also gives a straight stretch to the hips, chest, neck, and spinal area. The comprehensive stretch works on multiple levels in fat curtailing in these areas. The effectual thrust that Setu Bandhasana projects on the tummy gives instant relief from flatulence related back pain, flattens the stomach, provides a long-term solution for indigestion. On other levels, the bridge pose is effective in reducing anxiety and amping up blood circulation. As a direct result of this, you will experience a reduction in anxiety level, ease from fatigue and depression. The psychosomatic happy effects of doing a pose have much to do with other habits. If you are a ravenous eater depression, ease from depression will mean fewer cravings and lower fat consumption for you.

How to do Setu Bandhasana: 

Setu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

1. After a little bout of warm-up exercise, start with the asana by lying on the flat of your back.

2. Bend your knees as your feet stay rooted on the mat firmly.

3. Now inhale and haul up your back from the floor. Your shoulders must be rolled in. Have your chin slowly getting to your chest, touching.

4. Place your hands on the floor with fingers interlaced, exert pressure thus, pulling up your torso higher.

5. Hold the breath as this posture lengthens, exhale as you come back down upon the floor.

Salabhasana or the Locust Pose

Another stress relieving posture with direct weight reduction in specific parts of the body. The Locust Pose is good for effecting a nice massage in the internals and is operational in regulating a steady acid balance. Its core building effects work upon the back-shoulder-spinal zone, as well as strengthens the calf and thigh muscles. With some easy assists and props, this posture could be executed better.

How to Do Salabhasana:

Salabhasana or the Locust Pose1. Lie on your stomach as your hands rest by your sides

2. Haul up your upper torso and legs as you breathe in deep

3. Resting the weight on your torso on the lower ribs and abdomen, lift your legs upwards (you can use assists or yoga band as a prop here) and without bending the knees, only using your inner thighs.

4. Hold as long as the pose gives you relaxation and keep a slow breathing.

Ardha Matsyendrasana or the Half-Spinal Twist

A superb back pain reliever, the half-spinal twist is a regular prescription for those with spinal conditions, which well may owe to excess fat accumulation. The posture involves a thorough lateral twist of the spine to help tone up and muster more flexibility and control. Ligaments, back muscles, and loose fat tissues are touched upon and massaged to activate a fast shedding process.

The twist is especially useful for weight loss as it exerts pressure in the abdominal reaches, massaging the internal organs and thus releasing excess toxins. At the same go other toxic contributors into weight accumulation, such as menstrual blockage, is also corrected with regular practice of this posture.

How to Do Ardha Matsyendrasana:Ardha Matsyendrasana or the Half-Spinal Twist

1. Sit upright with an erect spine and keeping your feet drawn close together

2. Bend one leg and reach the right side of your hip with your left heel, and follow this with crossing the right leg over the left knee

3. Keep your left hand on the opposite knee and rest your right hand behind to your waist

4. Bring about a twist of the waist, neck, and shoulders in left to right order and fix your gaze on the right shoulder

5. Bring breath and meditation together as you sit in this highly awakening posture, think a good thought or recite a mantra, gently continue the process

6. Release with a final breathing out and repeat this on the other side.

When you are fit to flow in a sequence without a stop, start on the vinyasa aspect of ashtanga yoga by following these three effective weight loss postures.

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