Awakening to the benefits of Yoga, many progressive corporate offices are embracing Yoga as their own. As the performance of any company is directly related to the performance of its single biggest asset, its employees, the corporates observe that a regular Yoga practise keeps their employees both physically and mentally fit.

Besides creating a healthy bond amongst employees, Corporate Yoga can strengthen informal systems and bring harmony into departments, groups and partnerships.

Why Yoga at Work?

It is important for all to learn and grow as they contribute to the development of a company. Yogic discipline can help to harmonise the body, mind and emotions creating a smoother business environment.

Why Corporate Yoga with AumYogaShala?

Workday Yoga sessions conducted by AumYogaShala seek to build a healthy and positive atmosphere at offices by working at multiple levels on the following:

  • Correct Postures
  • Strength and Core Building
  • Proper Breathing
  • Finding Balance (Work-Life Balance)
  • Better response to stress and pressure
  • Enhanced interpersonal relationships

Our Corporate Yoga Curriculumis designed for those who have a rather sedentary routine. It includes the following:

  • Physical exercises and Yoga Asanas
  • Chair Yoga, Yoga at the desk
  • Deep stretching
  • Breathing techniques
  • Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra)
  • Concentration methodology and meditation
  • Guidance and healthy life-style tips

At AumYogaShala we will guide you to find a schedule and venue for your Corporate Yoga Classes in Gurgaon, according to your convenience. We also can provide basic equipment like mats and props.

For further information and details, do not hesitate to contact us.