Guide to Starting a Home Yoga Practice

Not everyone can join yoga courses. The reason could be anything; maybe because strangers make them uncomfortable, busy work schedule, no plans of getting stuck in the traffic etc. These factors may stop you from pursuing yoga but don’t let them be your excuses for not practicing yoga. You certainly must have heard the famous quote where there is a will, there is a way.

Starting a Home Yoga Practice

If you really have intentions of practicing yoga, no excuses or reasons can stop you. All you need to do to start practicing is to find a place. The place should have sufficient space, proper ventilation, clean surroundings and most importantly, a peaceful environment. Now, since you are at home what else can be better than this. Practicing yoga at home has its own benefits. You don’t have to catch up to anybody, follow your own pace; you learn to respond to your body. This helps you to focus on your consistency and regularity. Moreover, it makes you feel comfortable with yourself.
To practice yoga, all you need is either some space in the living room, terrace or walkway. Although you are practicing at home there are certain guidelines that you must follow to start a home yoga practice. If you are unknown to those guidelines; this blog will help you prepare accordingly.

Arrange things you need to get started: This might not look important too but it is actually. Yes, you are your own boss at home and don’t have to follow anybody else but getting ready for yoga is equally important. This will help you in the long run and will make you feel confident about yourself. So, initially, the things you need to get started are a pair of good yoga pants and a mat. They are considered essential because yoga pants are flexible and help in heavy perspiration while performing the exercise. Obviously, you can’t perform yoga poses or asanas on the floor, you might end up injuring yourself, hence yoga mat.

Prepare a sequence for your routine: Just as you follow a sequence for your daily chores, yoga also needs a sequence. Don’t go haywire with the exercise; it may not give you the expected results. Watch a lot of yoga sessions you YouTube or whichever you are planning to follow. Prepare a sequence for yourself to be followed religiously rather than performing random poses that may demotivate you. A sequence will help your body to adapt as per the exercises. Practicing the same sequence repetitively will not only bring perfection but also rhythm in your body. It will make you feel positive about yourself. Moreover, once you start getting comfortable with the sequence, add modifications or new poses or asanas to the routine

Follow a disciplined schedule: While practicing yoga, it is important you keep a scheduled time for practice. You need to prioritize your practice, never ever miss your schedule. If something comes up during your morning routine, follow it in the evening. If you do not have time for a proper schedule try to find at least 15 minutes for your practice. That is actually one of the best parts of practicing yoga at home i.e. you may reschedule your practice in case of emergency. Besides, when you practice yoga in a disciplined manner it brings discipline in your lifestyle as well. A disciplined schedule will eventually contribute to better results. 

Gradually, add pranayama and meditation: Of course, practicing the same yoga routine may make you feel down. Don’t stop right there. If you aren’t happy with what you are doing, there is no point in continuing. You may add certain pranayama or meditation to your practice. Pranayamas are the breathing exercises that have the same effect on the body as any other yoga poses. Whereas, meditation will help you in bridging the gap between mind and body. Practicing meditation and pranayama will have myriads of benefits working on your body. The regular practice will bring peace, serenity, and wisdom to your mind.

Keep yourself motivated to get on the mat: Since you are practicing at home you are not bound to timings but as we discussed earlier, it is important that you have a disciplined schedule. Do you know what’s more important than a disciplined schedule? Consistency and motivation to get on the mat every day. You may include any of your relative, friend or a neighbour along with you who has the same intention of practicing yoga as yours. This is because if you aren’t motivated enough, your partner will surely motivate you to do so. Moreover, practicing yoga in a company makes you competitive with respect to your partner. You also tend to share your learning with each other; practice is fun when more than one person involved.

Forget about the excuses then and start practicing yoga and feel the difference in you.

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