How to Find the Best Yoga Center in Gurgaon


Gurgaon is widely defined as one of the financial, technological, and industrial hubs of the country. Gurgaon is also known as Gurugram. It is nestled in Haryana and adjacent to the national capital of India, New Delhi. It is also a part of NCR with the third-highest per capita income in the country.

Gurgaon is the dreamland for many young professionals. You may put it side by side with Hong Kong or Singapore where your dreams of big hopes and ambitions may come true. Life in Gurgaon is fast-paced with elevated levels of anxiety and stress. We often notice that after the hard work of initial years, we lose our enthusiastic spirit and start feeling lost, tired, and exhausted.

We need spiritual guidance in order to maintain the balance in our lives and restore our natural energies. If you think you cannot devote yourself completely to this life-transforming journey, you may join yoga classes nearby to maintain health and mental well-being. Even being one of the MNC hubs of India, here are more than enough options available for yoga. You may choose from them but before that, you need to do some research and keep a few points in your mind to not feel robbed after going to a class. Here is a little friendly guide to follow and make your life dispute free. 

Choose what is right for you

Before you enroll yourself in any studio, you may take introductory classes, or you may hang out or talk with other people as well for more info. There are lavish amounts of yoga studios, so feel free to experience your options in person. You may look for these points for help:

Cost and location:

This point might look negligible but trust me it is the most important part of yoga class. No matter whether you sign up for the best yoga studio in town, if the location is unsuitable or cost-prohibitive, it will be difficult for you to lay the foundation of daily yoga habit.

Prefer your interest:

If you’re interested in meditation and pranayama more than asanas then you must choose classes which serve your interests. Always look at the curriculum carefully before enrolling yourself in the class.

Nearby studios:

You may search online and find out an abundance of yoga studios and may also virtually connect with yoga instructors for one on one session. You may request for demo postures and get help for developing your routine. If you have some specialized needs, you must mention them before to avoid any last-minute issues.

Be comfortable around your instructor:

When you first step into a yoga class, try to connect with your instructor. Make sure you’re comfortable around your instructor so that you can share your problems easily. You may ask also questions after the class if you have any doubts or queries. A yoga teacher is someone who pushes you towards your goals. Therefore, it is important that you feel safe, secure and comfortable with him always.

Always start with baby steps:

You must always start with a beginner’s class even though you may not be a beginner. Chances are that you have been practicing yoga at home for a long time by watching online videos. Just because you have some knowledge about yoga doesn’t mean you know everything about a yoga class. When we practice yoga at home, we feel comfortable but the ambiance of the class pushes us out from our comfort zone. So, it is always a good idea to start from scratch and build it gradually.

Settle with your new routine:

The most notable thing is when the selected class, teacher, and studio make you feel untroubled. You know that it is a good yoga class when its supportive and the inclusive community gives you enough space to explore your practice. You must not feel judged because of any reason. If you feel uncomfortable, then try different classes, teachers, or studios. Here is a helpful guide for you:

  • Make a list of studious which are nearby, convenient, and cheap.
  • Go to a few studios, soak in the vibe, and pick up a schedule.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to commit to a teacher, try different teachers with different styles until you find your style.
  • Try to come early to your class so that you can clear or doubts and especially when you have some medical condition or injury.
Here are some general tips you may follow for help:
  • Always inform your instructor about your injuries and your physical problems so that the teacher will be able to modify yoga poses to make them safe and appropriate for your body.
  • If you’re a beginner, inform your teacher in prior, especially when the class is not targeted for beginners so that your teacher can keep an eye to target your potential mistakes.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Yoga can be intensive and that’s why it’s important to keep your body in good condition.

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