Kids Yoga - Yoga for children

Yoga postures are natural poses which are often named after animals or objects found in nature. A mountain tumbles into a dog, a head standchanges to become a fish, a bridge collapses into a roaring lion.

These pictures are nothing but scenes of a Yoga class for children where the youngsters perform asanas with ease. Heavy on drama, kids like to play these roles as if they are little acrobats.

Children spend a lot of time in school, doing their homework and are busy with extra-curricular activities. There’s little time for free play. Yoga can help children deal with this pressure and bring energy and self-confidence into their lives.

Yoga can help to

  • Develop awareness for the body, especially for the breath and mind
  • Build a bigger attention span and concentration strength
  • Improves creativity
  • Relieve mental and physical fatigue as well as stress symptoms
  • Increaseself-confidence
  • Strengthen the body and improve flexibility
  • Reduce obsession with TV and other electronic devices

At AumYogaShala we have many years of experience with Yoga for Children. Since 2008 Devenderhas been working with children as a social worker teaching underprivileged children free of charge so that they are able to reach a better lifestyle through Yoga.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 5pm to 6pm

Fees INR 2,500

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