Six Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

The body has a complete mechanism to keep it healthy and internally clean but the modern lifestyle and feeding habits have become taxing on the overall health, resulting in sluggishness, obesity, stress levels and a host of medical problems. The advanced medical science is only beneficial in eradicating the symptoms providing temporary relief. We need a natural remedy. The ancient science-Yoga is the natural and safest remedy. Yoga for mind, body and the soul.  Yoga for inner peace, joy, and serenity. The traditional science is noted for curing recurring diseases providing sustainable benefits. The system of Vedic knowledge is bestowed with magical powers eradicating ailments forever.

Embrace yoga as a holistic application by undertaking daily yoga practice.The yoga for beginners series marks the beginning of a journey of exploration into the mystical science of yoga. Create a strong foundation and carve a niche for yourself in the ancient art of yoga through basic yoga asanas. Discover your love for yoga through beginner yoga series.

Starting yoga for daily  practice that encompasses the fundamental yoga postures is not a cakewalk. It demands sheer dedication and motivation to take the first step towards enlightenment. A positive thought to take the first step takes us towards self-enhancement. It keeps us dedicated throughout the journey of spiritual learning. Additionally, live a promising, blissful life that is full of correct practices, nurturing every inch of your body and transcending into a splendid soul with yoga practice.

The starting yoga poses will introduce you to the system of oneness, well being, and spirituality. Assiduous practice will make you familiar with the advantages of the beginner yoga series while helping you to reap the most of its yoga benefits. The beginner yoga poses are beneficial for calming the soul, lowering stress levels and, also for curing several disorders in the body. The cure for persisting disease ‘thyroid’ is also found in the practice of yoga. Shrug off your daily thyroid dose and start with daily yoga practice that stimulates  your thyroid, controls your weight and makes you feel younger and more agile.

Embrace the healthy, beautiful you with basic yoga poses. A plethora of yoga asanas will surely leave you perplexed thinking where and which yoga asana to start from. Yoga is meant to ease out the difficulty, turning impossible into possible. Following the same psychology, the coming paragraphs will throw some light on yoga poses for you to gain some clear insights on where to start from.

Here is a list of 6 basic yoga poses for you to embark upon a healthy journey:

 Mountain Pose ( Tadasana): The starting position of all other poses. The pose teaches the practitioners to stand like the steadiness of the mountain. Stand on your feet with arms resting on either side of the body. Spread your toes and balance your body weight on each feet.  Great asana to improve posture, increase steadiness, strengthen muscles, thighs and more.

Mountain Pose

Tree Pose (Vrikshasana): An asana to strengthen back and legs.  It also improves balance, facilitating steadiness. Stand firmly on the yoga mat with a straight back. Now gently place your left foot on the right thigh and fold your hands in prayer position above the head.

Tree Pose

 Downward facing dog pose ( Adho Mukho svanasana):Begin with face down and press the fingertips  aligned with the center of the chest. Press the palms on the floor and keep the arms and legs where they are. Transition into the pose by tucking the toes inwards and raise your hips towards the ceiling. Straighten up  your knees, draw your thighs back and raise your hips higher. Engage your quarters by drawing them upwards and complementing them by touching your heels to the floor. Bring your attention to the hands. Press down your fingers to the floor.

Downward facing dog pose

 Triangle Pose (Trikonasana): Stand still on the yoga mat and widen your legs with feet under the wrist. Turn the right feet outwards and align the heel with the arch of the left foot. Inhale and bring the arms up and relax your shoulders. On exhalation turn  your right foot outwards making a 90 degree angle. Touch the right arm to the ankle and bring the left arm upwards to the side to the shoulder height.


 Chair Pose (Utkatasana):  Stand straight in pose and slowly bend your knees and sit back down as you raise your arms up parallel to the ground. Broaden your chest and lift your torso engaging your lower belly. Lift your front hip away from the thighs. Straighten your legs to come back to standing position and release your arms on the side.

Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

  Child Pose: Sit on your hips with heels touching.  Separate your knees wider than your hips and lower your sitting bones towards your hip. Place your hands forward and lower your torso all the way from your thighs and touch your forehead to the ground. Rest your arms, elbows, palms on the floor while ensuring comfort in your neck.

Child Pose

The daily yoga practice helps in relieving stress, gaining flexibility, strengthening muscles and thus improving the overall well-being. Start a healthy practice with beginner yoga series for mindful living.

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