Adjoin the mind, body and soul with the practice of the holistic science of life. Yoga is a transformative journey that makes you surrender the self to the universal consciousness. In this chaotic world, live life with utmost grace and strength with the regular practice of yoga. Originated thousands of years ago, this ancient science of life is designed for the emancipation of the human race. It provides you with the treasures of good health and a happy life. The practice of yoga is responsible to connect the soul with divinity.


With enormous benefits, yoga is the ritual that can be performed by all, and its various aspects help you at different stages of life. Yoga is a wider and deeper concept, where a person starts the journey with the practice of asana.

Yoga asana is of various types, and one amongst is Mayurasana or Peacock Pose.

Mayurasana (Peacock Pose)

Mayurasana resembles a peacock when a practitioner performs the pose he/she assumes the shape of a peacock. According to Hindu ancient text, the bird symbolizes beauty, spirituality, grace, poise, love, awakening and immorality. Practicing the pose makes you garner all these qualities and characteristics. The asana seems complicated at beginning but with the practice, it becomes easy to perform. A basic Hatha Yoga pose, Mayurasana is great for strengthening the body and is loaded with ample health benefits.

So, here are the steps to perform the peacock pose.


  • Start with sitting on the mat on your heels, keeping the knees wide apart and hands placed on the floor.
  • Ensure that the fingers of your hands are pointed towards the body and then gently bend the elbows and press them against your abdomen.
  • Now drop the head towards the floor, stretch out your legs straight and let your feet face the floor.
  • Keep the shoulder blades firm, now slowly and gently lift the legs off the floor.
  • Shift the body weight and balance on your hands and ensure that your body is straight in line and parallel to the floor.
  • Stay in the position for 10 seconds and as you grow in practice raise the time up to 1 minute.

Precaution – People with wrist, shoulder and elbow injury should avoid this pose. Don’t perform the pose during pregnancy and in menstruation and those who are suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure, hernia, brain tumor, ulcer and eye-nose-ear infection should also avoid the practice.

Health Benefits of Mayurasana

Detoxifies and Cleanses the Body

With the daily and regular practice of the Mayurasana, your digestive fire becomes strong and is able to digest any kind of food easily. This reduces the production of toxins in the intestine and tones the digestive organs. It is an effective way of cleansing and detoxifying the body.

Tones and Energises the Abdomen Organs

The asana helps the practitioner to tone the digestive organs by enhancing the blood circulation in the abdomen region that energizes the stomach, liver, spleen, intestines, pancreas and kidneys. The daily practice prevents and treats the stomach related issues, piles as well as improves metabolism, promotes a healthy weight and takes care of other abdomen region related ailments.

Benefits Women

Women should practice the pose, avoiding it during periods (menstruation) and pregnancy. Mayurasana is an amazing yoga pose for women health – it tones and strengthen the reproductive system, reduces menstrual and menopause dysfunction and improve sexual vitality and energy. It is also great for men as the asana strengthens the overall body and also boosts sperm count.

Strengthens the Upper Body

One of the amazing health benefits of mayurasana is to have a strong upper body. Peacock Pose strengthens the shoulders, elbows, wrist, and spine and along with it improves the body posture and balance. While we practice, we the lift the body off the floor the whole balance of the body comes to these areas hence make them strong.

Boosts Mental Health

Yoga is designed in a way that it not only makes the body healthy but also works on the wellbeing of mind. Mental health is a serious and important thing to be taken care of and with the practice of the peacock pose one can enhance the health of the mind. The asana calms the brain, reduces stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, is good for the mind and body coordination, cures mild depression, prevents trembling of hands, enhances mood and keeps the mental issues at bay.

Fights Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the incurable and common diseases people are suffering from in today’s time. Yoga surely helps people suffering from this ailment and also prevents the onset of the same for many. Mayurasana is a wonderful pose that help people to fight against this health condition keeping the entire abdominal region in good condition. The pose detoxifies the body and cures dyspepsia hence, help in controlling diabetes.

A comprehensive asana for mind and body balance, the peacock pose is definitely amazing. Mayurasana makes you possess strength and grace, along with a number of other health benefits.