Born thousands of years ago in the lap of the Himalayas in India, yoga, happen to be a mystical practice that has an impact on every aspect of human life. It comprises of the different facets and asanas is one of the major limbs of yoga. Yoga asanas aim at balancing and restoring the health, mental peace and harmony. The practice of yoga is spiritual in its constituent form and this way yoga becomes a practice beyond physical training and has a significant impact on the mind, emotions and spirit.


Asana is the initial step one takes to commence the voyage towards transformation and healthy living. To start with, begin the practice with easy yet effective sitting yoga poses such as Parvatasana or Mountain Pose.
Health benefits of Mountain Pose are enormous and to amass them all, practice the asana in the early hours of morning, as the ambiance of the time is calm, serene and peaceful to attain significant benefits.

About Parvatasana

Parvatasana is an easy, simple yet effective seated yoga pose which proves to be beneficial for instilling the body, mind and soul with vigor and energy. The pose is an ideal mix of yoga’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual form. Parvatasana is translated as Mountain Pose as during the practice the body forms the shape of a mountain.

As the name suggests, the pose derives the benefits from the qualities of a mountain – strength, stability and fixity. The pose has three variations. Performing the seated pose is recommended for all the beginners and to those who are unable to do the standing pose. The pose forms an amazing base for other sitting asanas.
Parvatasana and Spirituality

Loaded with a lot of mental and physical benefits, spiritually too plays a great role in the yogic practice of Parvatasana. This asana is more of a meditative pose and is about concentrating on the soul and inner self. Even chanting the mantras, benefits and fills the soul with harmony and bliss. Mantra adds to the spiritual awakening, brings soulful enlightenment, enhances mental clarity and takes you to a tranquil state.

Steps to perform Mountain Pose

• Sit on the floor with legs stretched in front of you and hands kept freely beside the body.
• Now bring your legs closer to the pelvis and cross them to form a cross-legged pose as you do during Sukhasana or Padmasana.
• Now place the hands on your lap and then interlock the finger such that the palms should be facing upward.
• Now breathe in and stretch your hands upward over the head keeping the fingers interlocked.
• You can also stretch the arms upward and then bring your hands together in a Namaste pose or Anjali Mudra.
• Now pull the torso upward, keeping your hips on the floor and feel the deep stretch in the body.
• Stay in the pose for 30-40 seconds, while breathing normally and then release the pose and slowly return to the starting pose.

Health Benefits of Parvatasana

Stretches the Spine

The asana is the best when it comes to giving a deep stretch to the spine. This makes the spine more agile, stronger and flexible. Performing Parvatasana lets you gain some inches in height during the natural growing age. With the regular and daily practice the asana tones the spinal nerves, improves blood flow, reduce back and neck
pain, sheds extra fat from waist and back and corrects the vertebrae displacement.

Strengthens and Tones the Muscles

The asana is liable to tone and strengthen the body muscles and enhances the functioning of the internal organs. The asana stimulates abdominal muscles enhancing and improving the organs functioning, tones chest muscles and
strengthen the muscles of the forearms, back, hamstrings and calf.

Improves Concentration and Focus

The pose increases the blood flow to the brain that also enhances the oxygen supply hence improving mental health, concentration, memory, ability to focus and reduces mental fatigue.

Amazing Pose for Women

The pose is extremely beneficial for women; Parvatasana is a wonderful way of taking good care of your skin and hair. The pose corrects sagging, underdevelopment and enlargement of the breasts. Mountain pose also restores the natural form of the upper body of the mothers after childbirth.

Prevents Respiratory Conditions

Breath freely with regular practice of the asana as the pose makes respiration smooth which prevents and cures respiratory issues including asthma, breathlessness, etc.

Prevents Joint Issues

With the daily practice of this yoga pose, reduce the chances of onset of muscles ailments and joint related issues including arthritis, rheumatic stiffness and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Improves Blood Circulation

Improved circulation in the body also enhances oxygen supply and wellbeing. The asana increases the blood circulation to the brain bestowing mild mental benefits. It also sends good blood flow to the spinal region making the spine healthy and stronger.

Use the pose as a medium to have an ailment free living and transform yourself with the daily practice of yoga and its various aspects.