Steps and Health Benefits of Poorva Halasana Preliminary Plough Pose

Yoga is full of amazing experiences. When one looks deep into the science of Yoga, all he finds is the positive impact it puts in the life of the practitioners. Although the meaning and interpretation of Yoga have gone on amending from region to region and from person to person over the years, its core essence has remained the same – development of one’s mind, body and soul. Originating in India, the ancient science and its various exercises have been remolded to a different form in order to make Yoga accessible to a wide range of population. One such Yoga practice is Poorva Halasana, which is the preparatory pose for Halasana..

Poorva Halasana (Preliminary Plough Pose)

Since Halasana is a little advanced and onerous in practice, Poorva Halasana is designed to make one prepare for the original practice. Talking about the definition of Halasana, it is made of two different Sanskrit terms – ‘Hala’ means plough and ‘asana’ means pose. ‘Poorva’ denotes preliminary here. The asana is known to boost digestive function and strengthen various body parts but its benefits range to a wider aspect of human life.

Steps to perform Poorva Halasana:

  •  Begin the exercise by lying on your back in the position of Savasana. Keep both arms and legs free.
  •  Close your eyes and enjoy a couple of deep breaths to relax yourself.
  •  By supporting the body weight on your buttocks, raise your legs up towards the sky.
  •  Making sure that the knees don’t bend, keep tilting your legs till it makes approx 45 degrees with the floor.
  •  Continue in this position for a few minutes, if you feel comfortable.
  •  Bring yourself in the original supine position slowly and steadily while breathing out.
  •  Repeat this process for at least 5 times a day.

In Halasana, the legs tilt completely till the toes touch the mat behind the head. To practice this pose with perfection, the preliminary Plough pose is required.

Health benefits of Poorva Halasana:

 Reduces fat from the body: Poorva Halasana is an awesome physical exercise that works on extra fats and toxins accumulated in the body. Particularly in the waist region, the asana’s effect can be seen in abundance. While the legs tilt over the waist, fats from hips and thighs get removed in the form of sweat. Those aspiring for a flat belly can also practice this exercise, for Poorva Halasana is a great training for weight loss. Make your dream for a fine abdomen true with the practice of Halasana’s preliminary pose.

 Boosts blood circulation: An equipoise flow of blood throughout the body is what one experiences during the practice of Poorva Halasana. Since the legs go up and the upper body remains in a stable position, there is an awesome blood circulation in the brain, boosting the ability of the mind. The asana brings stability to the body by making sure the body attains equilibrium in the process of blood circulation. Various organs of the Circulatory System also get strengthened.

 Good for back muscles: One of the greatest impacts of this beautiful Yoga exercise is on the back muscles. Especially the muscles near the neck region in the upper back get stretched in a fine fashion. People facing the issue of a backache should practice this exercise every day in the morning. For spine elongation, Poorva Halasana is one of the most effective Yoga asanas. While enjoying the practice, make sure to move your legs backward slowly, for hurrying up might hurt you. The body posture also improves with the practice of this asana, which is very effective for self-confidence.

 Strengthens digestive system: In fostering the power of the digestive system, Poorva Halasana plays an important role. In fact, nourishing the digestive organs and encouraging digestive functions are among the most amazing benefits of preliminary plough pose. The pose helps in releasing harmful gas from the digestive organs and improves the ability of the body to assimilate everything that you eat. There are many people suffering from the problems of constipation and constant stomach strain. They should make this asana an integral part of their lives.

 Augments immunity: Immunity is probably the most important element of a healthy body and a fine immune system is the extreme requirement of a fit body. The physical exercise of Poorva Halasana is a great way to enhance the ability of a body to fight with the harmful and disease-causing microbes. The asana supplies pure blood to the organs and nourishes them fully. When the body is healthy, the mind will be happy and a matured soul is created.

If you are suffering from a disease such as a neck pain, sciatica, high blood pressure, etc. consult your doctor before practicing this asana. During pregnancy also, this pose should be avoided.

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