The ancient India-born science of Yoga is a fascinating way to attain complete wellness of the mind, body and soul. While we are able to see only the physical advantages of this spiritual discipline, it impacts almost all the facets of human life to transform one into a person of awesome caliber. Hand to Big Toe Pose, as Padangusthasana is called in English is one of those yogic exercises whose vast set of goodness has the ability to transform a practitioner into a fine personality.


The Yoga asana that is practiced with hands below the toes and the nose near the knees by bending forward is of enormous benefit when it comes to human health. Let’s discuss some of the biggest health benefits of Padangusthasana:

Offers Mental Strength

Padangusthasana is a beautiful exercise for intensifying the ability of the brain to act swiftly in scarce situations. A human brain works all the time and has a whole lot of responsibilities to do, and it needs sufficient care, which this asana provides to the mind. While the brain is located below the heart during the practice of this pose, the human knowledge-box gets a good amount of blood to make it fresh and work in full flow.

Hamstrings Stimulation and Stretching

There is probably no better exercise for strengthening the hamstrings muscles than the awesome Yoga pose of Padangusthasana. As soon as you delve into the position, the Hamstrings group of muscles begins to feel the strain that ends up stimulating the core of thigh muscles. Sitting at a place for quite some time in the office can hold up the muscles and may cause blood flow to stop. The hand to big toe pose stretches the thighs and resumes blood circulation in the leg region.

Alleviates Lower Back Pain

The art of relieving lower back pain is among the finest benefits of Hands to Big Toe Pose. While the legs and hands are getting stretched, the spine enjoys much of nurturing exercises mitigating the effects of a backache. Before going to bed, indulge in the asana for 10 minutes at least to help the back muscles getting escaped from compression. If you are not feeling well practicing the asana, don’t push yourself too much and take rest before trying again.

Good for Digestion

In a time when improper eating habits are prevalent throughout the globe with probably no answer to this issue, the yogic practice of Padangusthasana is probably the best solution. The Yoga pose promotes a stronger digestive system that can utilize the maximum amount of food assimilated. During the practice of this asana, digestive organs such as liver, pancreas, stomach, etc. get stimulated in a finer way so that these organs can work at their full strength. For people suffering from digestive problems such as acidity, indigestion, etc., Hand to Big Toe Pose is an awesome exercise.

Betters Blood Circulation

There are a number of factors that sponsor inferior blood circulation including less physical work. Especially in today’s era when life runs on motor vehicles, the scopes of movements have subsided over the years. Padangusthasana is one of the most effective Yoga poses for promoting a healthy flow of blood throughout the body. A healthy circulatory system backs better metabolism that is one of the biggest boons for human health. With an improved circulation of blood, managing body processes becomes easy.

Helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Mental calmness is what this pose offers in a fantastic way. Amidst a wide array of relaxing poses and exercises, Padangusthasana comes with exciting benefits for the brain to flourish in a way that is quite relieving. Whenever one feels stressed up or boring, the practice of Padangusthasana for a few minutes can help in getting a much-needed relief. The pose enlivens the potential energy earthen in the body to transform it into kinetic.

Makes the Body Flexible

Padangusthasana is all about flexibility. Almost all parts of the body take part in the practice of this pose offering great nourishment to the whole body. From knees to shoulder, all joints in the body get strengthened in an amazing way. You can practice this asana anytime during the day, whether you are in the office or in school. The asana is also extremely beneficial to stretch the body before a soccer game to warm up the body.

Strengthens the Legs

Probably the best effect of Padangusthasana can be experienced in the legs. If you are an athlete or willing to improve your physical movement, give at least 10-15 minutes to the practice of Hand to big toe pose. While the toes attain stability to give the body enormous firmness, strengthening the thighs muscles offers immense balance to the whole body. The hips joints are among the finest beneficiaries with the body bending along the hips.