Don’t let the name of the posture throw you off! Brahmacharyasana or the Celibate’s Pose is one of the easiest in the book which is attemptable even by beginners of the first order. It’s known for its body strengthening properties, addressing different areas. The back, abdomen, legs and hips are the key areas to receive acute impacts through a definite practice of the brahmacharyasana. Besides the multi-fold  health benefits of brahmacharyasana, effective for curing backache, pain in the legs and abdomen, digestive ills, and internal digestive functions like that of liver and kidney, the pose has an underlying spiritual connotation.

5 Health Benefits Of Brahmacharyasana (Celibate’s Pose)

Restrainment, especially in terms of sexual energy is considered integral in yoga for spiritual upliftment. The Celibate’s Pose is believed to make the body-mind more reserved in following its instincts and thus, preparing one’s temperament for conservation of sexual energy and reaching higher awareness spiritually. This can be your yogic solution to bring calm at times of facing turbulent distractions of the sexual kind. May life stay good without sex!

The Two Variations of Celibate’s Pose

There are two distinct variations of the Celibate’s Pose– the Floating Stick Pose and the other is Thunderbolt Celibate’s Pose. These two need to be followed in order to open up to the full range of health benefits of the brahmacharyasana.

Celibate I begin in the Stick pose, slowly lifting the upright seated body upon the support of two hands. The extended arms and lifted position of the shoulder blades works in creating great spinal balance with this posture. Solid yoga blocks are a highly recommended prop for helping this feat.

The Celibate II begins in the Thunderbolt Pose as the shins and tops of the feet are kept on the ground. In the second version, the buttocks rest on the heels with them coming together, the arms are extended and the hands rest upon the knee.

Benefits of Brahmacharyasana

Here goes a few of the posture’s proven benefits that will do you good  whether or not you are planning to go celibate:

Strong Forearms, Wrists, and Shoulder Muscles

Both versions of the asana comprise a gentle stretch of the forearms. While you attempt to lift body-up resting on your hands rooted in the ground, a wave of strengthening energy keeps traveling up and down the stretched out arms and finally hit in the shoulder blades. This positive pressure impacts the blood flow in this area, carrying more amounts of oxygen and nutrition in the muscles.

Include the asana in your morning yoga flow to prevent injury in the forearms, strength in the wrists, and shoulder blade column, and build a better upper body balance.

Belly Fat Melted

Tormented with increasing tires of belly fat? You perhaps need more to putting necessary checks on your diet, increasing physical exercise, and regular stretching exercises. Slot in an extra ten minutes in your everyday exercise session for brahmacharyasana to melt fat from the belly region.

Better Digestion for Better Health

Thanks to gentle pressures created in the stomach and inner intestines, your digestion is going to get a good boost. With Brahmacharya practices every day, you will be ready to bid adieu to constipation tendencies. A complete cleanse of the bowels will leave your feeling fresh and pure. Proper bowel movements, production of digestive juices, and enzymes are a few priceless health benefits of Brahmacharya pose. You don’t need to stay apprehensive of complex proteins and carbohydrates anymore, only if you can ensure a stable practice of the Celibate.

Strength Built In Back, Abdomen, Legs, and Hips

Stretching can not only be deliciously relaxing but also be acutely strength building. With Brahmacharyasana, give your back, abdomen, legs, and hips an unwinding stretch fell the budding strength in the muscles. A strong back and core will be a clear statement of confidence and ensure prevention against injury. The strengthening benefits of celibates pose are unparalleled, even in comparison to a gym workout. Unlike in gym or zumba, this asana doesn’t give you a complete burnout, while it strengthens the muscles.

Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

Brahmacharyasana ensures boosted blood circulation to the brain and thus impact anxiety conditions positively. Deal better with stress, anxiety, and headache with this gold of a yoga pose!