Gurgaon is a popular city and a major financial hub of India. Thanks to its location in the proximity of national capital territory, Delhi, it has benefited a lot in the financial sector and is now one of the most developed cities in India, having third highest per capita income in the country. The satellite city is popular for a number of things such as restaurants, nightlife, corporate offices, etc. Apart from all these, Yoga is found in quite an astonishing fashion in Gurgaon. People of all classes practice this as a daily exercise especially the corporate employees, who practice this ancient discipline for attaining peace and serenity in their work life.

Top 5 Interesting Facts of Yoga in Gurgaon

Yoga in Gurgaon is quite unique as compared to other parts of India. The culture of Yoga here is also diverse, owing to the city’s fundamental structure as a diverse society. Let’s discuss some amazing facts about the yogic culture of Gurgaon.

Gurgaon and Yoga’s relation is deep

Indian is large and its yogic heritage is even larger. It is being said and discussed that India’s yogic heart lies in towns like Rishikesh, Kerala, Munger, Dharamshala, etc. But the truth is far from these speculations as Yoga is in the soul of this country and Yoga can be found in each and every corner of India. Since Gurgaon has long been associated with Yoga and spirituality having its mention in the greatest Hindu epic Mahabharata, the holistic science has been alive here for many centuries. In the city, there are diversified Yoga crowds. A number of people join Yoga classes for health and wellness, while many do it as a hobby. From Yoga teacher training to retreat events, you can find everything in Gurgaon.

Gurgaon is a local Yoga hub

With connections to all its neighboring cities by roads and metro, Gurgaon possesses a great significance in the field of Yoga education and training in its region. Owing to the fostering economy of Gurgaon, one can see a large number of Yoga studios in the city. People from neighboring cities such as Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, etc. come to Gurgaon in search of traditional Yoga training. While majority of people in the city take part in traditional yoga classes, spiritual Yoga is also very much popular in Gurgaon.

Yoga in the aroma of India’s corporate capital

One of the well-known facts about Gurgaon is that it is one of the fastest growing cities in India and Asia. The world knows it as a major corporate hub of the country with almost half of the Fortune 500 companies based in the newly-developed metropolis. The unknown fact is that the financial and corporate development has provoked the rise of Yoga in the city. While most of the employees living in Gurgaon have given a major boost to the Yoga studios in Gurgaon, there has been a significant improvement in Corporate Yoga classes as well. Such types of classes are organized by the major corporate houses for their employees. The primary aim of these Yoga programs is to maintain harmony among the workmen and create a positive environment in the office.

Yoga is quite famous among locals

Like any other Indian city, Yoga is quite popular in this bustling city. The craze of Yoga in the city can be witnessed from the rising number of yoga schools and centers. For a number of reasons, from cultural to self-development, Yoga is practiced by a large population of the city. Since Yoga originated and flourished in India, Yoga is often been seen as a way to celebrate the country’s culture and history. Also, thanks to the increasing popularity of Yoga, more and more people are taking it up for bettering their health and fitness.

A wide range of Yoga schools are in Gurgaon

Owing to the fact that almost all kinds of Yoga lovers reside and work in Gurgaon, a wide range of Yoga schools offering various programs are located here. Like all the big cities of the world, Yoga studios, Yoga retreat centers and Yoga training schools are also present in abundance. Yoga studios are mainly popular for physical Yoga training, while Meditation training centers offer mindful Yoga programs for the upliftment of the soul. Yoga teacher training centers present an opportunity for Yoga enthusiasts to become certified Yoga teachers in Gurgaon without having the need to visit Rishikesh and other yogic towns. Several Yoga schools are known to offer disease-oriented Yoga training where various disorders are treated the yogic way.

To understand Gurgaon and its historical root, pay a visit to the city and attend Yoga classes in one of the many Yoga centers in the city.