Heard about the life-changing benefits of yoga a lot and now planning to immerse in the yogic world? Enroll for a yoga teacher training program and experience the wondrous world of yoga. Heard about the life-changing benefits of yoga a lot and now planning to immerse in the yogic world? Enroll for a yoga teacher training program and experience the wondrous world of yoga.

A yoga teacher training in India can help you experience yoga in ways you have never thought of. It helps win over complexities and negativities of life. The training will enhance your mind, body, soul by enhancing your yoga practice and knowledge. It will also cultivate various necessary skills required to impart the knowledge of yoga across the globe as a certified teacher.

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Now, when you are sure about becoming a yoga instructor, the most important decision to make is choosing the right yoga teacher training destination. Even if there are countless yoga centers spread all over the globe, India is one of the most preferred choices for yoga learning. It is the country where this miraculous art originated years ago. Gradually developed and nourished by the ascetics, later passed down to the yoga gurus who spread this miracle science to various parts of the globe.

Here are the top five reasons behind why attend a yoga teacher training in India: 

1. Deepen yoga practice: During a yoga teacher training program, you get to learn something new every day. In India, yoga learning is more intensified than any other place in the globe. Yoga in India is much more than a set of physical exercises. A yoga teacher training in India deepens yoga practice and helps you realize your inner potentials. Besides various postures, you also learn correct alignment, history of yoga and its importance, yoga philosophy, meditation techniques, pranayama, mantra chanting and so much more in a single program.

2. Learn from traditional Yogic Gurus: India is the birthplace of celebrated yoga masters who have devoted their lives to yoga and learnt yoga from the ancient scriptures as their mainstream source. Yoga instructors in India deliver comprehensive knowledge of yoga in an intriguing way and teach a new way of living that is more peaceful, pure and simple.

3. Yoga Knowledge from the ancient scriptures: A yoga teacher training in India gives the opportunity to learn yoga philosophy and gain knowledge from ancient scriptures and the most authentic sources like Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and more. Coming on a yoga teacher training program in India is a magical experience of learning yoga in an environment where you can feel and immerse in the essence of yoga. The knowledge and tradition you get in India can not be found anywhere else in the world. It will nourish your mind, body, soul and will transform you from a practicing yogi to a proficient yoga guru.

4. Hub of Yogic Knowledge: India is the hub of spirituality, traditions, sacred beliefs, Ayurveda and Yoga. From North to South and East to West, everywhere one can feel the inspiring environment of yoga and spirituality. Settled in the foothills of enthralling Himalayas in North, Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is popular as World Capital of Yoga across the globe. Located near the river Ganges, it is one of those sacred cities which lead you to feel close to the divine, help you immerse in ethnicity, culture and tradition. There are a number of yoga centres in India which offer premium Yoga Alliance Approved yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats. The coastal state of Kerala in South is the home of yoga and ayurveda centres which offers premium Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher training programs, yoga retreats and Ayurveda courses.

5. Affordable Stay and Delicious Food: India is one of those countries which offer comfortable accommodation and delicious food at negligible cost. India is economic compared to other parts of the world. Whether it is about luxury accommodation, authentic yoga learning, and palatable, healthy food, India can instantly make you fall in love with its palette. The country is easy on the pocketbook for all your needs. Also, coming to India provides the opportunity to taste Ayurvedic Food prepared from herbs and fresh produce. Many yoga teacher training schools in India offer highly nutritious Ayurvedic meals to meet the nutritional requirements of the body required during the training. Besides, you also get the chance to learn and explore the rich culture and tradition.

So, come on a yoga teacher training in India and learn yoga in a smooth, steady and authentic manner.