Top 7 Health Benefits of Garudasana Eagle Pose


Yoga is a beautiful practice, a practice for a healthful living and positive thinking. From the mental aspect of life to the physical one, the beauty of Yoga can be seen nurturing the complete core of an individual. The yogic way of life has been prevalent since the Vedic era and guiding people to attain the height of peaceful life with numerous exercises. Garudasana is one such Yoga practice that is a perfect blend of stretching, attention, and flexibility. The standing Yoga asana superbly defines the core meaning of Yoga- unification of the mind, body, and emotion. Garudasana translates to Eagle Pose in English (Garuda means Eagle).

Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Talking about the art of practicing the pose, it is a little demanding and needs some time to reach the level of perfection. Stand tall in the Mountain Pose (Tadasana) before you delve into the asana. Lower the body by bending the knees and raise your left foot to put the left thigh over the right one. Ensuring the right foot is placed strongly on the ground, attach both the legs firmly. Now, fetch both the arms in front, parallel to each other and the floor. Put the left arm over the right one and make sure the right palm overlooks the right one. It might not be possible in the beginning because of the lack of flexibility, but as you keep your practice continued, you will be able to do it with ease. During the pose, you need to focus on the eternal God by being silent or uttering a few mantras.

Here’s the awesome list of health benefits of Garudasana.

The balance of the body

Garudasana is all about balancing the body on one foot. Although it might look pleasant to watch someone practicing the pose, practically doing it can only make you understand the amount of load that it requires. The pose helps you find the central point of the body on which it stabilizes. In the morning when you perform this asana, the calm air helps you to hold this posture for long and attain the maximum benefits.

Alleviates Sciatica

Sciatica is one of the major diseases in the modern time since today’s work environment requires one to sit constantly at a place for long hours. This can turn into a non-curable disease, if not taken care in time. When you practice Garudasana, the lower bones in the hip region get tones in a good manner to relieve the Sciatica nerve issue.

Complete body stretching

Get stretched in probably the finest way possible with Garudasana. Almost all joints of the body get stretched while you are in the Eagle Pose, from the knees to the shoulders. Stretching is one of the best ways to energize the body as this process heals the muscles and bones.

Augments mental attention

It requires immense concentration to not let the body lose its balance in this unusual position. Plus, this is a mental and breathing exercise as well, which you do during the asana. Meditating on one leg makes you a person of high mental ability. While the mantras give spiritual power, the focus brings strength to the thinking prowess.

Strengthens the legs’ bones

It is the legs’ bones that brace the complete weight of the body. Particularly the Tibia and Fibula, the lower legs bones get most of the toll during the asana. The Eagle Pose is thus the best way to brings strength and energy to the legs by making the pair stronger.

Brings flexibility to the body

Flexibility is a significant aspect of the human body anatomy that needs to be at the top, especially when one aspires to become an athlete. The volume of elasticity stored in the body is proportional to the ability of the body to adapt to new situations and physical environment.

Elongates the arms and thighs

The sets of the arms and thighs are two of the most important pairs of body parts on which almost all the movements and actions in the body depend. While twisting the legs and arms to bring correction in the posture, it benefits by freeing up the body from contraction.

These are just a handful of goodness that Garudasana carries. The more you go deeper into the science of this pose, the better you understand it and acquire the benefits of Eagle Pose. Make up your mind and take a leap into the world of immense yogic rewards.

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