Top 7 Health Benefits of Kukkutasana Cockerel Pose


Asanas are an integral part of the yoga practice, and many of us mistake it as yoga itself. Many of the yoga poses are named after birds and animals, being inspired by their feature or quality. Similarly, one of the yoga asanas is Kukkutasana which means a rooster. A Sanskrit word, Kukkatasana means Kukkuta – cockerel, and asana – comfortable seat or sitting posture.

Kukkatasana is a challenging advanced level Ashtanga yoga pose and is one of the asanas mentioned in the ancient Hatha Yoga Text- Hatha Yoga Pardipika and Gheranda Samhita.

To attempt the pose one needs to have a lot power in the arms, so try to excel in poses like Padmasana, Bakasana and Tulasana to prepare for Cockerel Pose.

With patience and persistence master the pose to acquire all the benefits of Cockerel Pose.

How to practice:

Ensure you practice the pose on empty stomach and bowels.

  • Start with sitting on the floor in a crossed leg position or in Padmasana.
  • Now fit in your arms between the gap in the thighs and calves muscles.
  • Now allow your palms to touch the floor through the gap.
  • Spread the fingers of your hand, press the floor ensuring that the fingers point forward.
  • Now push the palms as much as you can.
  • Breathe in and slowly raise your whole body off from the floor.
  • The palms support the body weight and with consistent practice, you achieve the right balance.
  • Keep the spine straight, and choose the focal point in front of you and set your gaze on it.
  • This helps to maintain the right balance and helps to master the pose.
  • Now breathe normally keeping the arms straight and stay in the pose for as long as you can.
  • Breath out, release the pose and return to the starting pose and relax.
  • Now repeat the same steps interchanging the legs position.

Cockerel Pose is excellent for both the mind and body, so here we have enlisted seven wonderful Health Benefits of Kukkutasana.

Strengthens the Upper Body

When you perform the asana, the body weight comes on the arms and is balanced by both the arms and shoulders.  The pose is amazing for the upper body as it stretches the stomach, arms, chest, and shoulders. The stretch enhances smooth flow of the blood, tones the muscles, reduces the risk of injury, prevents pain in these areas and also massages the abdominal organs which help to relieve menstrual discomfort.

Enhances Digestive Functioning

It is said that healthy digestion reflects in your overall wellbeing, as most of the health issues occur if a person is facing digestion problem(s). The regular and right practice of the asana do wonders for the digestive health and assists in preventing issues like constipation, bloating, indigestion and more. The asana puts pressure on the stomach area and intestines enhancing the production of digestive juices and enzymes which regulates metabolism function.

Develops a Sense of Balance and Stability

Practicing the asana regularly develops a sense of balance and stability, and also helps you to focus well. Stability and balance are the foundation of good health and helps you to build strength, stabilize the muscles, improve coordination and prevent injury risk.  

Reduces Stubborn Belly Fat

Getting rid of that belly is surely a task to achieve. Even after trying a hundred of ways to reduce belly fat you only get no or little result. Now you need to get aware of the Benefits of Cockerel Pose. The pose is what you need to practice daily to see the actual difference. The asana puts a good amount of pressure on the abdomen that tones the muscles of the belly area and reduces excess fat from it.

Tones the Biceps and Triceps

As arms play a major role in the asanas, Kukkutasana tones the arms with regular practice. When you perform the pose, the entire body weight lies on the arms which enhances the blood circulation and also tones the muscles. Toned muscles keep bones strong, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, increase endurance and more.

Stimulates Muladhara Chakra

The asana stimulates the Muladhara Chakra which opens the Primal Energy or Kundalini Shakti that is coiled at the spinal base near the genital organ. The activate Muladhara Chakra help with the beginning of purification and rejuvenation of the body and ignites the consciousness that relates to a person’s confidence, well-being, psychological balance, stabilize emotions and alleviates mood. The Chakra also supports all the other Chakra in the body.

Good for Heart Health

If your heart is healthy, then you can continue with the practice of this asana and prevent the risk of a further heart condition. Many studies have proven that Kukkutasana is amazing in maintaining and enhancing cardiovascular health by reducing the risk of stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol, etc. and promotes blood flow.

Precautions to Take

Though the pose is loaded with health benefits, this is an advanced and intense level pose that should be avoided by people with a heart issue, lung condition, elbow or shoulder injury, an enlarged spleen or gastric ulcers.

To excel in the asana, one needs years of training, and the voyage of mastering the pose makes you aware of your deeper self and imbibe qualities including calmness, happiness, and strength. So take a step towards staying healthy and strong with yoga.  

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