Top Reasons to Practice Restorative Yoga


Working for long hours, sweating full of buckets at the gym, suffering from a personal set back and feeling a bit low from fast few weeks. If you are on the verge of extreme burn out, then give restorative yoga a shot.

When the pace of life is superfast, both our mind and the body works faster than usual. There come certains points when we feel overworked, overwhelmed and tired. To combat weariness and feel good in the moment, we try a number of things like food, alcohol and even intensive workout. But all of these give only a short-time pleasure and, we usually end up with hangover and exhaustion.

Restorative yoga is one of the best yoga exercises that promote deep relaxation. It calms the mind and the body and makes us feel alive in the present moment. It is still and slow and takes mindfulness to the next level. Restorative yoga flow is about holding the gentle poses for extended periods of time. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, stimulates the nervous system and heals the body both physically and mentally.


Let’s take a brief look at some of the most amazing benefits which Restorative yoga can bring in one’s life:

1. Slows Down the pace of life: Practicing restorative yoga workout is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the materialistic life and connect with the soul. Amidst the turbulence of life, it prepares your mind for a state of deepened awareness. Moving slow through the different postures allows a person to observe the mind and body at a steady and natural tempo.

2. Soothes the nervous system: The slow pace and deep breathing involved in a restorative yoga flow activates the parasympathetic nervous system from the first pose itself. This helps to mitigate the effects the daily ‘fight or flight’ stress response that damages your psychology and well-being. It renews and rejuvenates the mind and body down to a cellular level.

3. Encourages Mindfulness: The slow movements instil space for a deeper experience of the poses and the breath. Practising yoga flow for restoration expands your awareness of the self, body, and the surroundings. Practicing it, we are able to notice and feel every physical sensation in the body, arising thoughts or emotions and sounds in the environment. It allows us to see and feel world in a better way through the yoga experience.

4. Feel safe and nourished: In the competitive world of today, a person often suffers from insecurities, fears, anxiety and uncertainty. Restorative yoga offers you a safe environment where you can connect with your true being, which is immortal, invincible and pure. The slow movements, deep breathing and relaxation reminds you of your fearless soul and helps you feel secure from inside out.

5. Heightens Your Body Awareness: Going through the poses at a slow and comfortable pace, one develops a deeper understanding of his own body. It helps you know how does it feel when a spiritual being is living a human life. With restorative yoga exercises, explore the capabilities, strengths, and potentials of your body. It helps you understand your body in a better way, encourages to accept it the way it is and provides a profound sense of self-love.

6. Deepens self-awareness: Immerse yourself in the slow flow restorative yoga, cut yourself out from all the external events and affairs and draw your attention inwards. When you put your whole focus just on yourself and try to explore and contemplate yourself, you get all the answers.

7. Connect to Your Pure Being: Restorative yoga is the perfect tool to help you connect with the divine within. The techniques involved in this practice help you awaken grace, poise, strength, flexibility and awareness of the present moment. It helps in self-transformation by facilitating the integration of all layers of life- physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological, and environmental. Overall it helps you awaken your own divine nature.

8. Improves the Whole well-being: Practising restorative yoga helps cure a number of ailments like diabetes and heart diseases. Not only it leaves you feeling relaxed but also stills and calms the mind. It stretches the muscles and increases the flexibility in the body. Also, it enhances your mood and healing capacity.

Practice restorative yoga on a regular basis and give yourself a break from the fast-paced lifestyle.

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