What Do You Need To Know Before Starting Yoga

Yoga is one of the widely-used terms in the world. It is an exercise for the overall development of the body, mind, and soul. Millions of people from all over the planet are embracing this philosophy, for it aims at complete health. Like many other people, you might be looking to enjoy the delight of Yoga in the coming days. If you have never had the experience of an asana, it is very important that you know a few things about the spiritual science. Yoga is for everyone and is unique for each one of us.

Here are some of the basic points that every new yogi should know before starting the practice of Yoga.

Yoga is not a physical exercise

The very first thing to know is the fact that Yoga is not a physical exercise. If you are new to this Yoga world, you might be surprised by the previous statement. Many people think Yoga as a workout in the form of asanas because these are the only things we normally see on social media. But the truth is Yoga is an amalgamation of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. A number of practices mingle together to form a single beautiful exercise – Yoga. You don’t need to learn the stretching of advanced Yoga poses. You can practice Meditation and enjoy its benefits also. Pranayama is also a part of Yoga. It is related to the science of breathing. Worshipping to god, following right ethics, and serving poor people are also Yoga.

Relaxation is the key to success in Yoga

In Yoga, relaxation holds a significant place. Since Yoga can be difficult sometimes, it is important to let the body and mind enjoy peace. There are individuals, after seeking yogis’ pictures and videos on Instagram, self-imagine Yoga as a vigorous exercise. What they do not know is the final pose is only attained after a lot of practice, of which relaxation is an important part. Without calming the body down, one cannot keep taking much toll from the body. This is why Corpse Pose is considered an extremely significant exercise during Yoga. When you do Yoga, do not forget to keep the temperature of the body balanced by enjoying the beauty of relaxation equally.

A session should begin with Namaskar

Namaskar is the act of Salutation in Indian dharmas. One joins his/her palms in front of the heart to embrace the position. Many Yoga teachers suggest beginning the practice of Yoga by remembering God. Namaskar is the ideal position in which one can pray god. Joining the palms is not just a way to show but a deep philosophical meaning is engraved in it. One should chant a few mantras such as a deep AUM and Om Namah Shiway. Such actions offer peace to the mind and prepare one to enjoy every bit of Yoga practice. All forms of negatives get removed by this act of Namaskar.

Self-love is very important in Yoga

Although Yoga teaches the theory of loving the whole world, it sponsors self-love in an astonishing fashion. One must learn how to care about his/her body, mind, and spirit before engaging in the service of others. Self-love begins with the asanas practice. It is very important for a yogi to take proper care of the actions during asanas. You should believe in your abilities while aiming to be a successful practitioner. Again, Yoga is not about competition with others. You should avoid imitating what others are doing and concentrate on your own pose. This might fall you into an injury-zone.

Beginning with basic poses

Yoga wants everyone to make slow and steady progress. There are a number of Yoga poses that are suited for newbie practitioners. When you begin your Yoga practice, remember to get acquainted with the basic poses and exercises first. Balasana, Tadasana, Dandasana, etc. are considered basic Yoga poses. One should try to be an expert of these exercises before moving to the advanced ones. These practices will give you an outlook of the yogic beauty. It will also ensure you stay away from injuries while Yoga practice. It is recommended that attaining perfection should not be the goal of a new yogi rather practicing a particular asana with emotion should be.

Mantras and Meditation are integral parts of Yoga

Those, who are not much into Yoga, understand this science in a limited way. It is very important to know that Mantra and Meditation are as relevant as asanas are. One cannot ignore the credits of these two mindful exercises in boosting the complete wellness of the body. In every step of life, one requires helps from Meditation. It would be unfair not to include Pranayama in the list because each and every action in Yoga and life is related to breathing. If you think these practices are not Yoga, you need to change your opinion very earnestly.

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