Why to Choose Aumyogshala for Yoga Training In Gurgaon


Gurgaon or Gurugram is the newly developed tech city in the Delhi NCR region. Nestled in the heart of the North Indian state of Haryana, Gurgaon is not only known as the technology, finance and industrial hub but also for being one of the metropolitan cities that is rising high in demand for yoga. With schools like AumYogaShala, the industry of yoga is growing faster in the city and offers the opportunity to have guided and best yoga classes in Gurgaon

Moreover, the school contributes a lot making Gurgaon yoga a trend among citizens. To support your yogic journey, the school offers yoga teacher training Gurgaon and provides traditional intensive learning of the science of life. 

Live your dream of deepening yoga practice with AumYogaShala, and here are the reasons that convince you to join their training right away.

Authentic & Intensive Training

Connect within and discover new things about yourself, through the intensive training program of yoga with AumYogaShala. They offer a well-versed 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Gurgaon to learn the holistic art of healing and soak oneself inthe divine vibrancy. The training course is a perfect opportunity to transform from the core, and evolve into an eminent practitioner. The course offered by them is structured well with a comprehensive and interactive curriculum that covers all the major aspects of classical subjects included in yoga training.

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

You keep looking for a yoga training schools at the best yogic locations globally, based on great teachers, ambiance, location, etc. especially their accreditation. AumYogaShala not only introduced yoga in Gurgaon but established an affiliated school to study at and get trained to become an amazing practitioner. AumYogaShala is a Yoga Alliance USA certified school and the yoga teacher training courses are offered following the strict guidelines and standards. After the completion of yoga training, students are awarded a certification from Yoga Alliance that allows them to teach internationally as a registered yoga teacher. They also offer an Indian certificate.

A glimpse of what they offer

A Yoga Alliance affiliated yoga school or institute assures standard learning and training experience with full-board subjects included in the curriculum. While training with AumYogaShala you enhance your knowledge of:

  • Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, the classical forms of yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy, where you study ancient texts like Yoga Sutra
  • Deep relaxation with the practice of Yoga Nidra
  • Pranayama or yogic breathing techniques
  • Meditation
  • Yogic gestures or Mudra and also learn about Bandhas or locks
  • The human body and structure with Yoga Anatomy
  • Teaching Methodology

Qualified and Trained Teachers

A great session is a result of how good your trainers are. At AumYogaShala, you’ll gain a unique learning experience with qualified teachers who broaden your learning horizons and offer you a great opportunity to express your true self. Well, it is an essential point to remember, whenever, or wherever you go for yoga training, retreat or just for regular classes, always take time out to know about teachers.

Feasibility and Accessibility

Many of us are still holding on the long-pending yoga teacher training journey due to ample of reasons. We all are busy with our work and family, which makes it hard for us to take time out from our busy lives to dedicate towards the practice we love. Yoga training is a filling journey, and with AumYogshala you can easily take on this voyage without making a huge change in your lifestyle. The school aims to reach every doorstep with the treasure of health, happiness, and longevity through the holistic healing system of yoga.

Location and Ambiance

India is the birthplace of this incredible practice of yoga, with Rishikesh and Kerala being the biggest hubs of yoga education. AumYogaShala offers a well-structured yoga training program to spread the traditional learning of ancient art in the metro cities. The school is a modern ashram, with amazing complex to study and imbibing deep values. The school is beautifully designed considering the yogic aspects and forms a harmonious and serene ambiance to practice yoga. They inspire people living in big cities to break their pattern and join them on this incredible journey that strengthen the body, enhance skills, and awaken spirituality.

Pocket-Friendly Training Experience

Why spend a lot on traveling and booking to attain the authentic learning of yoga. AumYogaShala is an amazing place to gain in-depth knowledge of yoga without breaking your bank. The school is located in your city or just a few minutes away from your place. They provide the best yoga training experience under-qualified instructors. They offer both Yoga Alliance and Indian certification. Yoga teacher training with them is pocket-friendly, feasible, and loaded with transformational experiences. 

AumYogashala is a reputed and well-known yoga school in the city that aims to spread the knowledge of healing art of yoga in the metro cities and provide the learning that derives from the ancient roots. They bring to you the real essence of yoga- truth, and unification of the being with a universal conscience. With their experienced staff and faculty, they create a platform you aspire to learn, get trained, and change your life through the practice of holistic science.

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