Yoga Teacher Training in Delhi

Yoga - the science of love and affection, an ancient India-born discipline, the relevance of which has not abated with the passage of hundreds of years and multiple eras. Traditionally yoga has been an integral part of the Indian culture. The advent of the 20th century saw a widespread expansion of Yoga and this worldwide development too has not been able to bring any change towards the importance of this ancient science. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Yoga has taken this world by storm, evidenced by the presence of multiple Yoga centers in almost all countries of the world. Such an extraordinary demand for Yoga has also escalated the aspiration for being a Yoga teacher.

The craze of learning the traditional form of Yoga and become a Yoga instructor has seen immense growth in India’s capital region too. Those who cannot visit Rishikesh, Kerala, Thailand or Bali to attain the Yogic knowledge of the highest standard due to job commitments and other reasons need not worry. AumYogaShala presents the best Yoga teacher training in Delhi that can fulfill your dream of gaining authentic Yoga knowledge without going away from your family. The training program is organized in association with Rishikul Yogshala, a prominent Yoga school offering some of the best yoga retreats and yoga teacher training programs in Rishikesh.

Get introduced to all three facets of Yoga - physical, mental, and spiritual to know the depth of this ancient science. Attain versatility in the art of practicing various yogic exercises and lead yourself on the path of spiritual development with AumYogaShala’s 200 Hour Yoga courses in Delhi. The training event nurtures you as a Yoga teacher by implanting the characteristics of an ideal Yoga instructor into your soul and identifying the yogi in you.

Major Topics Covered During the Program

Highlights of Yoga Certification in Delhi

During the course of Yoga teacher training at AumYogaShala, you will remain in the shadow of our time-served Yoga teachers, who will guide you through the sacred path of Yoga. While the purest and traditional aspects of Yoga will be the priority of the program, equal emphasis will be placed on the personal growth of each aspirant with all-round coverage of yogic teachings. With regular interaction with the instructors, you will have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge of this age old art and immerse yourself in the spiritual discipline.

Here are the highlights of the Yoga training in Delhi:

  • We are firm believers in the teachings derived from ancient Yoga and offer the same to our Yoga TTC aspirants.
  • Introduction to various types of Yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, etc. and a detailed description of each of these.
  • Get acquainted with the elements of Hatha Yoga and various practices associated with this Yoga types - Sun Salutation, Vrksasana, Paschimottanasana, Trikonasana, etc.
  • A detailed analysis of Ashtanga Vinyasa along with its primary and secondary series.
  • Let Pranayama regulate metabolic activities in the body and understand the importance of Pranic energy manufactured by the breathing exercise.
  • Bring the mind and body into the zone of immense relaxation and extreme tranquility while indulging in the mindful practice of Meditation.
  • The art of performing the asanas with perfection with the knowledge of Adjustment and Alignment techniques.
  • Learn how to prepare a Yoga class and teaching styles to get acquainted with the roles and responsibilities of a Yoga teacher with our Teaching Methodology sessions.
  • Philosophical training of the yogic science during which we will discuss ancient yogic texts and the practical implication of Yoga.
  • Understand the working of various organ systems in the human body and the effects of Yoga practice on the working of these body institutions.
  • Study the basics of Ayurveda including the healing effects of the ancient discipline and Ayurvedic principles for a sattvic lifestyle.
  • Discussion on Yoga’s cleansing actions with the main focus on Shat Kriyas.
  • Mantra chanting exercise for garnishing the mind and soul with spiritual energy.

Yoga Teacher Training Fee & Schedule 2019

From To Place Indian Certificate Yoga Alliance USA Inquire Now
04th Nov 2019 29th Nov 2019 Gurugram 40,000/- 60,000/- ($850) Apply Now
25th Feb 2020 22nd Mar 2020 Gurugram 40,000/- 60,000/- ($850) Apply Now
29th Apr 2020 24th May 2020 Gurugram 40,000/- 60,000/- ($850) Apply Now
09th Sep 2020 04th Oct 2020 Gurugram 40,000/- 60,000/- ($850) Apply Now

Training Outcomes

The beauty of this teacher training in Delhi is that it turns everyone’s expectations from Yoga training and dreams into reality. Whether you are aspiring to have a good health or willing to go deeper into the spiritual knowledge of Yoga, our Yoga TTC in Delhi disappoints nobody. Have a look at some of the major benefits and outcomes of this training.

  • Complete awareness of the yogic knowledge.
  • After completing the training with AumYogaShala successfully, you will be presented with a yoga teacher training certificate that allows you to register yourself as an RYT.
  • You will be eligible to teach Yoga as a certified Yoga trainer wherever in the world you want.
  • Mental oneness and spiritual enlightenment that help you to become a fine decision maker.