Devender Bhardwaj

Devender is the heart andsoul of AumYogaShala. His long list of accolades and awards are recognition of his journey in Yoga which began at an early age.

Devender´s commitment to AumYogaShala has been relentless. Not only has he provided food for the children of AumYogaShala Foundation but has also provided a passion for Yoga.

In 2016 Devender received the Indian Yoga Federation´s Ratan Award and in 2017 his work was recognised when he was honoured by the Rishikul Yogshala´s “Yoga Rising Star” award. Devender also holds a Gold Medal from the National Yoga Championship. He has studied at the National Institute of Yoga and he completed his M.Sc. in Yoga at Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.


Rahul Yadav

Like Devender, Rahul has invested in wellness and holistic health through Yoga. Rahul´s Yogic journey began in 2010. His focus is on perfection and he specialises in Arco and Traditional Yoga, focusing on anatomy and alignment.

Currently Rahul is completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga at Uttarakhand Sanskrit University.


Kulwant was introduced to Yoga at the age of twelve. He has since performed nationally and internationally. Kulwant is now a recognisable face of Yogic science.

Kulwant´s emphasis is on the traditional practise of Yoga without any modern twists. He also promotes the practise of Meditation. He too is currently finishing a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga.

Sachin Singh

Sachin is an oriental Yogi whose roots are in Nepal. Sachin began on the road to enlightenment at the age of twelve, studying Yoga on his own.

Now he is a master of poses and has poses and has a profound knowledge about Vedic philosophy . A student of life-long learning, Sachin is a certified by Sanskriti Viswavidyalaya and is currently completing his B.Sc. Pic will stay the same

Faculty Teacher

Gabriele (Gaby) Alscher

Gaby´s Yoga journey started 2007 at a fitness centre when she accidentally entered a Yoga class in her hometown in Ratingen, Germany. Touched by the postures and techniques, she wanted to learn more. She was curious about thevariety of asanas as well as pranayama and meditation.

She visited many different schools, tried several styles and approaches and finally fell in love with Vinyasa Flow Yoga. In 2009 she completed a 300 hours Yoga teacher training in Germany.

For many years she has been working as a teacher for different schools. At the same time, she has deepened her knowledge about anatomy and Alignment Yoga (Iyengar Yoga).

Since 2014 she has been involved with Yoga in India, working as a volunteer for the AumYogaShala Foundation and a faculty teacher for AumYogaShala.

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