Yoga Workshops

On a regular basis we offer workshops with special topics that can deepen your knowledge about Yoga as well as improving your asanas..

Vinyasa Flow/ Ashtanga Vinyasa

Vinyasa Flow is a wildly popular school of Yoga that synchronizes movement with breath. As it is rooted on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, it combines breath with movement, provides strength and resistance training, and allows for a transcendental, meaningful practice. This style is what is most frequently taught in gyms and in many serious yoga studios, especially in major cities in the US and Europe. Give it a try!

Hip Opener – Leg Stretch

Open tight hips and stretch your leg muscles! Selected Yoga postures can help open your hips and will improve the flexibility of your legs.This workshop will show you how to use Yoga asanas to really improve your hip flexibility and leg stretches, particularly useful after exercising or playing sports.

  • Alignment & Adjustment
  • Benefits & Precautions
  • A lot of Practice!
  • Pranayama & Relaxation

Back Bending

Discover the powerful effects of Yoga backbends with step-by-step instructions, sequences, tips and advices to strengthen your spine and improve your practice.

  • Alignment & Adjustment
  • Benefits & Precautions (Theory)
  • Counter Postures& Relaxation

Masterclass - Vinyasa Flow with Gaby

Inhale, exhale, feel alive!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a very dynamical yoga style, very physical. Sequences of asanas are practiced like garlands in combination with the breath. Inhale, exhale and feel alive floating from posture to posture. This masterclass is especially designed for advanced practitioners, which only means that you know at least some basic asanas.

How to enter, center and exit. It is not suitable for absolute beginners.

Strengthen your body, release your tension inside and empower yourself!

Yoga for Women - Hormone Yoga with Gaby

In this workshop we will have a look at asanas that are beneficial for women. The great Yogini, Geeta Iyengar, describes a lot of asanas that have a major impact on female wellbeing and health. Also the Hormone Yoga Therapy, developed by the Brazilian Yogini Dinah Rodrigues, is a holistic approach to reactivate the hormone production. Based on the ancient science of Yoga, we will practice a sequence of asanas combined with breathing exercises and energy techniques to activate those glands that are important for women’s health.

The sequence is also suitable for non-Yoginis and is possible without any earlier Yoga experience. Exercises to reduce the symptoms of stress as well as a healthy diet is also part of the programme and will be introduced.

Who should give it a try?

Introduction into Ayurveda

What will you learn?

  • Ayurveda and the 5 elements
  • Characteristics of the 3 dosas (vata/pitta/kapha)
  • Identify your own dosha (Prakruti and Vikruti)
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle: how to adapt your new knowledge into your daily life and your personal Yoga practice
  • dosha balancing Yoga practice