7 Incredible Health Benefits of Locust Pose Shalabhasana

Shalabhasana is a back-bending Yoga exercise that is practiced in the reclining position. It is also known as Grasshopper Pose or Locust Pose (Shalabh is a Sanskrit word that means grasshopper or locust). It is not a traditional Yoga pose but has its root in the 19th and 20th century. The Yoga pose is practiced by lying on the abdomen with the rest of the body in the air. One should lift the chest and head along with the legs to enjoy the balancing position. A practitioner should make sure the knees do not get bent during the practice. Although hands are kept parallel to the mat in line with the body, one can spread his/her hands in the forward direction to make the asana a little more advanced.

Let’s discuss some of the health benefits of Locust Pose

Stretches the vertebral column

Shalabhasana is one of the finest ways to boost the strength of the spine. Our backbones get tired after being in the same position for a long time. The vertebral column needs to be stretched in a better way. Locust pose makes sure all bones in the back region get activated and invigorated. If you feel constant pain in the lower backbone, this pose is highly beneficial. Practice this asana 5-10 minutes daily and enjoy its enormous benefits for the back health, improving the whole body posture.

Invigorates the circulation of blood

Improved blood circulation is probably the greatest gift of Yoga to humankind. Talking about the Locust pose, it is a great heart opener exercise. When the heart is nourished, the circulation of blood gets a new life. All through the body, blood reaches in full capacity while nurturing every cell. Blood circulation is immensely beneficial for the overall wellness of the body, since all the body functions are managed by this red fluid. Another reason blood flow gets boosted is because of the stretching of various muscles in the body due to the practice of Shalabhasana.

Tones the shoulders and neck

Shoulders and neck play vital roles in the successful practice of Locust pose by a person. These body parts are not in contact with the ground and have to feel more strain. Due to this, the shoulders and neck get toned in an astonishing manner. Shoulders’ health is of a great boost to complete body fitness, since the pair is joined with some of the most important body parts such as heart, spine, etc. For the proper structural development of the body, you should practice Shalabhasana every day.

Strengthens the lower back muscles

All those individuals, who don’t feel good about their lower back muscles, should embrace Locust pose and its goodnesses. The central part of the body during Shalabhasana is the abdomen, which lies directly below the lower back region. This part of the body needs to be strengthened for making the whole body a balanced one. Shalabhasana emphasizes the lower back muscles in the practice so that the hips as well as pelvis remain in good shape.

Helps you lose weight

Weight loss comes as one of the finest benefits of Shalabhasana. A number of people from all age groups enjoy the practice of this exercise in order to get a flat belly. The pose takes a lot of tolls from the abdomen and other fatty muscles in the body. Due to numerous reasons including poor lifestyle, the process of digestion doesn’t happen fully in the body. This boosts the storage of toxins in various body parts. Toxins come with a variety of diseases. Thus, it becomes very important to practice Locust pose on a daily basis so that the body weight remains in check. If you are very serious about shedding the extra kilos, make this exercise an integral part of life.

Bolsters the thighs and legs muscles

Shalabhasana is a great friend of sportspersons. Especially, players of outdoor games such as Football, Hockey, Athletics, etc. are the greatest beneficiaries of this Yoga pose. It is recommended that they should practice Shalabhasana seriously in order to improve the power of the legs and thighs. During the exercise, the legs have to be in the air, giving a good amount of pressure to the thighs and knees. The asana helps you improve the physical strength of your body in a fantastic fashion by nourishing the legs.

Encourages metabolic activities in the body

During the practice of Shalabhasana, almost all parts of the body are active. The final pose is the collective effort of the whole body from the inside to the outside. The body’s metabolism remains in practice throughout the exercise. The best health condition of a human body is said to be in a stage when all metabolic activities are operating in full capacity. It is not wrong to say that Shalabhasana is good for instigating a new life in a practitioner’s body.

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