The Fitness Mantra for Your Mind Body and Soul

“Health is wealth”- a popular proverb that we have been hearing since the time of our growing up, isn’t it? And the thing is, the relevance of this proverb will never fade. In fact, the importance of health has attained its peak in today’s era. There are a number of things people do to maintain their health, but the demands of the present day stressful world overshadows all tactics. A set of simple strategies that are entirely natural in practice should be enjoyed to see your body, mind, and soul flourishing. Let’s discuss some easy mantras of complete fitness.

Follow a proper schedule

Health, unlike what many think, is not an objective to be attained rather a path to be followed. You are happy and should continuously be in that zone for a long time. In order to remain fit forever, one should follow a healthy schedule every day. The routine begins right from waking up early in the morning till going to bed. One of the best things to follow is beautifully described in the nursery rhyme – ‘early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise’. After waking up, you should give a few minutes to physical exercise like yoga. Coming to diets, all three meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner are compulsory for a balanced body and mind.

Daily Yoga workout

Physical workouts are utterly important when one is aiming to stay fit and happy forever. A person should engage in regular exercises to keep the muscles, metabolism, and various other aspects of the body in good health. Yoga is considered the most amazing exercise, since it touches almost all facets of life. Begin your day with the practice of running after which you should engage in a few Yoga poses. Running is the utmost significant exercise one should embrace as it is directly related to the physical stamina of a person. In addition, you can practice various asanas anytime during the day, when you feel stressed. Yoga poses stretches the body and boosts the circulation of blood.

Sattvic eating habits

What and when you eat should be the most prominent of things to take care of if you aim to stay fit. It is very important that you maintain a healthy eating habit. Nowadays, people rely on packaged food, which is not only unhygienic but also harmful to the body. Most of the health experts suggest vegan meals for the complete balance of the mind, body, and soul. Vegetarian food is considered free from all forms of wellness drawbacks. Keep the amount of green vegetables and fruits high in your diets if you want to have balanced health. One should eat nothing that harms the body and mind by any mean.

Moments of relaxation

Merely the absence of diseases cannot be termed as the state of being healthy. Complete wellness comes when one is free from all forms of worries – physical, mental as well as emotional. Thus, it is very important that you enjoy enough relaxation to shed all stressful moments. During your work hours, take a couple of minutes of a power nap to bring peace to the mind. It is recommended that you take 7-8 hours of deep sleep. Do not play with your sleep timings. In addition, you can spend some time in a park, close to nature to feel energized. Living in the vicinity of Mother Nature gives you immense reason to your mental power.

Spiritual exercise

Spirituality is a great aspect of human life. One’s spiritual awakening tells you a lot about his/her inner fitness. People normally look at the physical strength and intelligence level of a person. What they miss is the fact that, one’s social life also affects overall health. Spirituality brings you closer to god, who is the guiding light on the path of life. Spirituality is all about being true while exploring the beautiful life path. Meditation and Mantra chanting are the finest ways to attain complete fitness as far as spiritual health is concerned. With meditation, you learn how to stay concentrated and mantras are the powerhouse of positive vibes.

Holidays and trips

Staying at a single place, one is sure to get bored. There should be some entertainment in life to give the mind and soul reasons to cherish. One should plan a trip once in a month so that monotony does not get heavy. This world is a huge place to see and explore. There are a number of destinations you can go to chill and enjoy. Trekking, nature walk, beach holidays, historical trips, etc. are some of the many ways to get yourself out of tedium. A Yoga retreat is another beautiful option to detoxify the mind, body, and soul. Going on vacations not only improves your health and wellness but also better your understanding of the world.

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