What are the Best Advantages of Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a buzzword these days. Everywhere you go, there is gambit reflecting celebrities standing in Tadasana or anonymous Yogis sitting in meditation. The hype is so intense both on and off media that everybody wants to talk about it. No wonder, schools, colleges and offices are gradually implementing special fitness programs and Yoga is a big part of the strategy. So, pretty sure, even a 6th grader knows that Yoga will make you flexible as a rubber tube and meditation will calm down the cheesed off nerves. However, no one talks about the lesser-known yet best advantages of Yoga & meditation that can improve the quality of your life.

Think about this, Yoga is more than 5000 years old and all that we talk about is Depression, weight loss, flexibility and alignment concerns. But, do you know that Yoga can help you achieve a fortune, get a promotion at work or even help you become a millionaire?

Top 5 benefits of Yoga that no one has ever told you before:

1. Abundance and Love

Each and every entity thriving under the blue sky and interacting to one another in this vast Universe are intertwined. It is because of this reason that you are asked to say and do right, which takes you to the concept of Karma. Yoga and mindfulness meditation affect parts of the brain that stores negative emotions and finally shrinks it, so that you think in a positive manner. Positive thought patterns are believed to attract people and situations carrying high vibrations and same frequency as yours. Deep meditation opens door to a place where there is no space for ego, aggression, greed or any negative emotion. Your soul shall awaken from within and intuition will be on point for most parts. Once you attain your higher self, nothing can stop you from attracting love, money, career, and your ultimate soul tribe.

2. Signs from the ‘Divine’

Have you heard about Synchronicity? This is a phenomenon when you experience things happening at the right time, a sign board on the highway saying, “take a chill pill” and you realize that it’s been a while that you have not taken a break from work. Synchronicities may also refer to telepathy, strong energies during astrological changes and you meeting the right people at the right time in your life. Does this sound familiar? Practicing Yoga & meditation balances your chakras, eradicates ego, and wakes up your senses from a slumber. You start noticing the positive in every situation and feel the Divine powers with you in tough scenarios. Yogis belonging to the ancient times used to communicate through telepathy and now Science too backs up its significance and reality. Seeing synchronicities is all about connecting the dots, identifying the right people, and not ignoring the sign that is put in front of you.

3. Brilliant than E=mc2

When most exercises, mainly HIIT and hardcore cardio exhaust you to a level where the endorphins put you to sleep, Yoga will bring you in a paradise-like zone. Practicing Yoga everyday has been scientifically proved to affect a part of brain known as Prefrontal Cortex. This region of your Central Nervous System is associated with wit, executive function, memory, and moments where focus and attention is required. On the flipside, no matter how intelligent you are, just like your sagging skin in 40s, your retention capabilities go down and mental focus depreciates tremendously. It is important that you do not dwell on the age, weight and other intangible malarkey. Harness the power of Yoga to kindle the innate powers to see things and ignite dormant forces to perceive things from newer angles.

4. No Body Shaming

In a world where everybody wants to see a chiseled physique, toned abs, and hourglass figures, who would have thought that Yoga can celebrate every body type. The one side of the coin represents muscular dudes flexing muscles and making shutterbugs crazy and then on the other side, curvy women are totally slaying the Yoga outfits and performing poses with élan. Yoga and mindfulness meditation encourages self-love and lets you breathe in your own skin, happily and freely. You will definitely lose weight on the way, but your journey will be free of self-judgment, hate, and backlashes. You will be over with people who throw opinions and serve no purpose in your life. No wonder Instagram has some of the popular hashtags as #curvyyogis, #curvyogagirls, and all trends massively.

5. Shapely Jaw lines

Nothing captures the interest intensely than a well-structured face and sharp jaw lines. Trashing the false social media projections of unrealistic faces, body types, and Botox filled crow-feet, a god-gifted facial structure is just one level up to the ballpark. However, if you are not happy with what you have then before performing any Yogic moves, it is important that you practice gratitude and eradicate self-doubt from your mind. Now that you know your worth, welcome to the world of Face Yoga. A popular practice, Face Yoga comprises widening your eyes, and pouting for 10 minutes straight and raising eyebrows for like 2 minutes. There are many moves that might look ludicrous but actually help with fine lines, decreases double chin, and defines bone structure. Yoga is both fun and magical!

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