What Are The Most Important Yoga Accessories

Yoga is refreshing, enormously stimulating. It is one of the most beneficial practices for the complete health and wellness of the body. In order to experience the invigorating beauty of Yoga, you need nothing but a few important things that you can purchase easily. If you are planning to begin doing Yoga, here is the list of things you should have.

Yoga Mat

The most common thing every Yoga practitioner carries is a Yoga mat. You will see a mat with every yogi wherever you go. This shows the importance of Yoga mats. In the studio, your mat is your own space, the personal one. The reason people use this during Yoga is that it helps you place your hands and legs properly so as to minimize the risk of falling down or getting injured. Many practitioners also use the mat for comfort, since the floor might be a little rigid. Yoga mats having pictures of various asanas, sequences of Sun Salutation, mantras, etc. are quite popular in the markets. Make sure to invest in your Yoga mat wisely, since a lot of your practice will depend on how comfortable you feel with your Yoga mat. If you don’t find variety in the market, use online applications, where you are more likely to get discounts also, in addition to a good mat.

Yogic Clothing

The practice of Yoga becomes amazing in a comfortable set of attires. Clothes play significant roles in making the practice awesome. Many Yoga studios ask practitioners to wear AUM-printed pants or asanas-printed T-shirt. But the thing that matters the most is the comfort. You should wear clothes that make you feel good, irrespective of the outer look. Your apparels should be athlete-type. You can choose any color of clothes as per your choice.

  • Tops: Make sure the shirt you are wearing is fitting. It should not come to your head during forward-bending asanas. Sweat-absorbing clothes are most welcome, especially during intense level classes. If the Yoga studio is normally cool, you should come with a cotton sweater.
  • Pants/Shorts: Pants are quite important in Yoga, in making movements. Refrain from such types of pants and shorts that hinder the movement of your legs. Jogging pants that are elastic in nature are awesome for practicing Yoga. Although tight (elastic) pants are quite good, you can choose stretchy loose pants/shorts.
  • Sports Bras: Girls must use sports bras during a Yoga class. These bras keep you athletic enough to take part in all kind of Yoga exercises. Sports bras are more comfortable and stretchy, making your practice an awesome one.

Many people prefer wearing socks during Yoga, although they are not really required. If you do not feel comfortable being barefoot in front of unknown people, buying a pair of socks is a good idea. The pair should be grippy.

Water Bottle

Water is very important in Yoga, especially when you are engaged in advanced Yoga poses. In almost all physical exercises, you need to rehydrate yourself. It is recommended that you carry a bottle of water with you in the Yoga class. Use an insulating bottle or a thermos for better utilization.

Yoga Blocks

In order to prevent injuries, you should have blocks. If you are not a knowledgeable practitioner and have just started practicing Yoga, the use of blocks is highly recommended. Blocks are also impactful in improving your alignment during Yoga practice. For example, in forward bending asanas, when you use a block, you do not need to force your hands to touch the mat. You can raise the floor level and feel easy. With regular practice, after getting accustomed to the exercise, you can remove the block. Blocks are not very expensive and you can invest on them quite easily.

Yoga Mala

A number of yogis, especially those who are more into spirituality, use malas to a great extent. A mala is basically a collection of beads that are embedded in the form of a circular string. Along with being a symbol of your commitment to Yoga, it is a mark of yogic fashion. Most of the malas have 108 beads with each symbolising a mantra. The beads help you concentrate in mantra chanting or in the practice of Meditation. Mala is a traditional devotional element in Hinduism and Buddhism. Almost everywhere in India, you can purchase a mala, although the best and revered one can be found in sacred places such as Varanasi, Rishikesh, Bodhgaya, Ujjain, Rameshwaram, etc.

Yoga Bag and straps

As a Yoga practitioner, you can carry a bag to keep your ingredients such as water bottle, towel, etc. It would be good if the bag can accommodate your Yoga mat. Most of the yogis own a cotton bag with an OM sign or the Gayatri Mantra printed over it. Talking about straps, they are of great use for making the practice flexible. These straps help you practice some of the advanced Yoga poses with ease. These are also good in bettering the posture of the body and enhancing the body’s ability to indulge in difficult asanas.

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