Top 7 Health Benefits of Anahatasana Heart Melting Pose


What motivates you to do Yoga everyday or any exercise for that matter? A fitness journey is never about correcting a targeted area or losing weight or probably asking the ageing signs to go back to their hood. What most people do not understand is that a workout regime as pious and deep as Yoga nurtures your body and open doors for your soul to reach its higher version. Just like herbs, Yogic poses and meditation helps your body from inside out. So, it is pretty clear and accurate by now that Yoga & meditation has taken the fitness world by storm. What sets the stage for the well-deserved popularity is the range of styles and poses to choose from.  Anahatasana is one Yogic pose that intends to protect the heart from different kind of aggressors like stress, diabetes, lifestyle shortcomings and non-availability of proper diet for one instance.

Understanding the Pose Benefits (Supported by Science)

Yoga lessens the development of not only type2 diabetes but also improve cardiac autonomic functions. The study involved 64 non-diabetic respondents who were children of type-2 diabetic parents. Contrary to the popular belief that Diabetes and heart issue runs in the family, the study proved that Yoga has all the tools to break the curse.

Here are great 7 benefits of Anahatasana backed up by science.

Study 1: LA to HA Transition

There is a scientific proof that Yoga can help people living in Lower Altitudes (LA) cope with the stressors linked to the Higher Altitudes (HA). Now this is just the tip of the entire iceberg and one example that sets the tone for the entire theme here. If you are someone who lives in plain or humid tropic areas then chances are you might feel discomfort in chilly high positioned areas. Scientifically speaking, it is a well-known fact that people living in a place that is on a comparatively lower altitudes like plains or tropic areas face troubles accommodating on hilly areas, mountainous ranges or high altitude. So, it is like travelling from Bali to Switzerland on a sudden note. A majority of the masses suffers from shortness of breath, heart issues, face increased Asthma attacks and so on. In such scenarios, Yogic poses supports good heart health makes a great impact. Enter Anahatasana.

Study 2: COPD

Moreover, the Yogic poses such as the Heart Melting Pose enables a better respiratory health and why not, Yoga is a proven way to combat breathing issues, help lungs hold and release air better and heal patients with COPD problem. A literature search process was conducted in Pubmed, Web of Science and few other reputable repositories in order to reflect the benefits of Yoga for patients with severe lung ailments like COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. There were tremendous improvements in the statistical data collected through Borg Scale Scores, FEV1 Scores, and SGRQ Scores to name a few.

Study 3: Delay in Senescence

Another significant study that was later promoted and supported by World Ayurveda Foundation says that practicing Yoga everyday paves a bump road for Senescence or in common terms ageing. The art helps in stimulating the cellular structure that binds layers of skin together and thereby promotes the production of collagen. There is no doubt about the fact that ageing is a biological function that no one can stop from showing up. This is also proved by the virtue of its circulation supporting poses like Anahatasana.

Study 4: Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP)

A randomized controlled trial that involved an 8-week Yoga program and 30 individuals (divided into two groups) reflected that the group of individuals who did focused Yogic poses every day created a healing environment for their lower back pain. One of the beneficial poses that ease up the strain on Spine and lower back is Anahatasana.

Study 5: Lymphoedema Symptoms

Yogic poses like Anahatasana concentrating mainly towards back and spine health can be beneficial for breast cancer-related lymphoedema of the shoulder and arm area. An 8-week Yoga intervention of the Spinal area for women with breast cancer revealed that such regimen can help them battle the symptoms well. Their overall postural and functional issues saw great improvements.

Study 6: Scapular Muscle Activity

A cross-sectional laboratory study involving 23 relatively fit women and a regimen comprising 15 Yoga postures revealed that Yogic moves like Locust Arm Forward and Heart Melting Pose strengthened the scapular stabilizer muscles and supported shoulder rehabilitation. The results were calculated with the aid of Electromyography, which records the muscle activity of the upper, middle, and lower trapezius during any clinical research or regimen testing.

Study 7: Depression & Anxiety

There are probably more than 1000 studies that scream out loud about the positive effects of Yoga on patients with Depression and occasional Anxiety attacks. Yogic poses like Anahatasana and Pranayama (breathing techniques) can help quell negative emotions, balance the stress response system and uplift the mood. Are you interested in a study result? Well, an 8-week Yoga program that involved about 30 people reflected brilliant effects of performing aforementioned techniques and meditation on symptoms of Depression. Everybody wants a confirmation that is well supported by Science. Guess, these are enough for the moment for you to go grab a Yoga pant or probably buy new workout clothes. But, remember, no tight fitted clothes, only plain cotton. Happy Stretching!!!

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